Create and print labels
Create and print labels

Create and print labels

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In Word 2013, you can create and print mailing address labels. Actually, you can create labels for any purpose! When you find the label you want, check to see if there's a template for it in Word. Templates can save a lot of time because all the setup is done for you.

Make it easy: Use a template

  1. Start Word, or click FILE > New.

  2. Type Return address label in the Search for online templates box and press Enter.

  3. Click the picture of the template you want and click Create.

  4. In the first label, click each line of the address and type the information for your return address. Word updates all the labels as soon as you click a new line, or click in a margin.

  5. Print a test sheet on plain paper by clicking FILE > Print > Print button.

  6. If the test sheet looks good, load your return address label sheets into your printer and click FILE > Print > Print button.

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