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Add or delete a page

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Add pages to your diagram files to keep related diagrams together, link pages together, or present a series of diagrams to your team.

Add a new page

  • Select Insert Page next to the page tabs.

    Add/delete page icon screenshot


  • Select Insert > New Page > Blank Page or Duplicate This Page.

Rename a page

  1. Right-click the page tab, and select Rename.

  2. Type in a new name for the page, and press Enter.

Reorder pages

  • Drag the page tab to a different location.

Delete a page

  • Right-click the page tab, and press Delete.

Want more?

Format pages

New drawings open with just one page, but you can add more.

For example, you can keep related diagrams on different pages. In this office layout, the plan for each floor is on its own page.

You can also keep unique versions of a diagram on separate pages, or link from a high-level diagram on page one to more detailed diagrams on other pages.

You can even store a series of diagrams in a single file and use the pages, in sequence, as a presentation.

Now let’s look at our Theater Booking Process diagram. I need another page, so I select Insert Page.

The new page inherits the properties of the open page, including size, orientation, scale, background, and theme. That’s handy if I need similar pages, but I can also change individual pages. For example, I’ll remove the background from this page.

I go to Design, select the More arrow in the Page Setup group, select Page Properties, and, in Background, choose None.

I’ll add a few shapes: a Start/End shape, a Decision shape, and a Process shape.

I think I’d like a different look, so I’ll choose a different theme from the Themes gallery.

To change the orientation, I’ll go to Design, select Orientation, and choose Landscape. Now I have two very different pages in the same file.

I’ll give the pages in this file descriptive names by double-clicking each page name and typing a new title.

And I’ll reorder them by dragging a page to a new location.

If I don’t need a page anymore, I right-click on the page tab, and select Delete.

With the freedom to add and remove pages as I please, and to format them individually, I can create and organize diagrams in files to meet my needs.

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