Demonstrate lessons, guide students with step-by-step onscreen actions, or create quick trainings for your colleagues using Screen Recorder in Microsoft Stream.

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Note: Screen Recorder has a 15-minute time limit. 

  1. Select Create Record screen from your navigation bar in Stream.

  2. If needed for your recording, make sure your device's camera and microphone are enabled.

  3. Select  Stream Start recording button  to start recording.

    You'll then be prompted to choose what you want to record: your entire screen, an application window, or browser tab. If you want to use your microphone, check the Share audio option. 

    Note: Your camera can only be included in the recording if you're capturing the entire screen.

  4. Select Share. There will be a three-second countdown, then recording will begin and you can switch to the screen, window, or app you want to record. 

    You can select  Pause button in Screen Recorder at any time to pause recording and complete other tasks on your device. 

  5. When you're done recording, switch back to the Microsoft Stream Screen Recorder tab in your browser and select Next to review your recording.

Select start recording button in Stream

Choose browser window to record in Stream

Screen Recorder has begun recording

Review and upload

  1. Select  Play button  to play your recording back. If you want to try again, select Record again

  2. When you're done, select Upload to Stream.

  3. Add a name, description, and language for your recording.

  4. You have the option to allow everyone in your organization to view your recording, or uncheck that box and select update video details to set permissions for specific people, channels, or groups.

    Tip: Learn how to annotate and trim your videos in Stream.

  5. Once the video is uploaded, select Save draft if you want to go back and work on it later, or Publish if you're done.

​​​​​ Record again or upload to Stream

Upload recording to Stream form

Browser and device requirements 

Screen Recorder works on the following browsers:


  • Screen Recorder is currently not supported on the Stream mobile app or the Safari browser on Mac OS.

  • Recording system audio is only available on Windows.

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