SFTP adapter improvements for BizTalk Server

Applies to: BizTalk Server 2016 BranchBizTalk Server 2016 DeveloperBizTalk Server 2016 Enterprise


Improvements for the SFTP adapter include the following:

  • BizTalk Server SFTP adapter is updated to use WinSCP version 5.13.1.
  • Key Exchange Algorithm Selection Policy is added as a configurable adapter property.
  • Connection pool feature is added for the SFTP adapter.


This update is included in the following update for BizTalk Server:

Cumulative Update 5 for BizTalk Server 2016

Important You must install WinSCP version 5.13.1 after you install this cumulative update.

More information

A new property that is named Key Exchange Algorithm Selection Policy is added to the SFTP adapter configuration. The value of this property is a comma-separated list of KEX preference order. Token WARN is used to delimit substandard KEXes. For example, ecdh,dh-gex-sha1,dh-group14-sha1,rsa,WARN,dh-group1-sha1. The default value is empty, in which case the WinSCP default KEX selection policy is used. Go to the WinSCP website for more information about KEX.

This property is configurable at individual ports, or at the adapter handler.

SFTP Transport Properties