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Internet Connections FAQ

I cannot connect to the internet using a mobile data connection

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My phone has problems connecting to Wi-Fi networks

  1. Restart your phone, check the WiFi connection icon on the phone screen, and move closer to a WiFi access point to get a better signal.
  2. Make sure your phone is not in the Battery saver mode (Settings > System > Battery saver, Lumia with Windows Phone 8: Settings > battery saver).
  3. Disable Bluetooth connectivity in your phone while being connected to a WiFi (Settings > Devices > Bluetooth, Lumia with Windows Phone 8: Settings > Bluetooth). Bluetooth and WiFi operate on the same frequency range and may interfere with each other.
  4. If you cannot connect to a network that you have connected to before, try deleting the network from your phone: Settings > Network & wireless > WiFi > Manage, under Known networks, tap and hold the network name, then tap Delete. (Lumia with Windows Phone 8: Settings > WiFi > manage (advanced), under Known networks, tap and hold the network name, then tap Delete.) Deleting the network will delete the associated settings on your phone. After that, tap the WiFi network in the list of networks, then try to connect again.
  5. If there is no SIM card in your phone, try inserting a SIM and check that you are not in the airplane mode. If there is no SIM card in the phone, some of the country-specific WiFi features may not be available when your phone does not know its location.
  6. Check if you can connect with your phone to another WiFi network (for example using the internet sharing feature of another phone).
  7. Using your mobile data, check if there is new software available for your phone: tap Settings > Update & security > Phone update (Lumia with Windows Phone 8: Settings > phone update).

If you are having trouble connecting to your home WiFi network

  1. Restart your router (some routers should be switched off for 2 minutes periodically to allow for background updates).
  2. Check that your password in a secure network of your phone is properly configured and that your phone's security settings match with the settings of your home WiFi network. If you keep getting an Incorrect password error, log in to your wireless router, and change the operating mode 802.11b/g/n to 802.11g only, and then restart/reset the router, and try to create a connection again.
  3. Check that your WiFi network is not configured to filter the access based on the device MAC address. If using MAC-based filtering, the MAC address of your phone must be added in the filter list. You can find your phone's MAC address in Settings > System > About > More information (Lumia with Windows Phone 8: Settings > about > more information). It should be listed under Device information.
  4. Disable other active network services such as video streaming and online games.
  5. Check on your router's support page that it has the latest firmware installed.

If you are having trouble connecting to a public WiFi hotspot

  1. Check if any authentication is needed to the public WiFi hotspot. Even though the WiFi network is open, you may still need to authenticate with a username and password on your phone browser before you can access the internet. You may also need to re-authenticate after the authentication timeout expires. Disconnect and reconnect to the WiFi network in Settings > Network & wireless > WiFi (Lumia with Windows Phone 8: Settings > WiFi) if you do not get the authentication prompt.
  2. Especially with public WiFi hotspots, the maximum number of users may already be connected. Wait for a while and try again, or look for another WiFi hotspot.

Article ID: 12497 - Last Review: Mar 17, 2016 - Revision: 7