Use Windows Ink Workspace

Gilt für: Windows 10

Share your ideas or draw on screenshots with your pen in the Windows Ink Workspace.

The Windows Ink Workspace menu with Whiteboard and Snip & Sketch options

Select Windows Ink Workspace from the taskbar to open it. From here, you can select Whiteboard or Fullscreen Snip. (You can also select More  and Learn more about pen  or access Pen settings .)

Collaborate in Whiteboard

Whiteboard gives teams a freeform, intelligent canvas for real time ideation, creation, and collaboration when you sign into your Microsoft account. Draw, type, or add images. Stack things up and move them around. Choose your writing instrument, including a pen or highlighter. Change the size of your brush strokes even as you draw them. If your hand slips, make fixes with different erasers.

The Whiteboard app with annotations

When you're done, your brainstorming sessions are saved automatically to the Microsoft cloud, so you can pick up where you left off. 

Add notes to screenshots using Snip & Sketch

Open Snip & Sketch and draw on whatever you're doing on your PC at that moment, or open a previous image. All sketchpad tools are in Snip & Sketch, from Stencils to line width to sharing and exporting.

The Snip & Sketch app with an annotation on a generic picture.