Jot sticky notes, sketch, and draw on screenshots with your pen in the Windows Ink Workspace.

Windows Ink workspace

Select the pen icon to open the workspace. From here, you can open your Sticky Notes, sketchpad, or screen sketch.

Plus, quickly open the apps you use your pen with under Recently used.

Set reminders and more with Sticky Notes

Windows Ink Workspace collaborates with Cortana to make Sticky Notes even more useful. Jot down reminders, doodle away, or write down your next big idea.

Write down a reminder like "Call Mom at 4 PM", select the text in blue, and add a reminder. Cortana will remind you later. Jot down a flight number, then use it to track your itinerary. Sticky Notes can help you keep track of all kinds of things, from email addresses and real addresses to your stocks, to telephone numbers—you name it.

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Make a new one by selecting the Add Note button, move them around, and change their size and color by selecting the More button.

Draw in the sketchpad

Image of the sketchpad and the digital ruler.

The sketchpad is a blank slate for you to draw whatever you want. Use the ruler to get just the right angle, and change the size of your brush strokes even as you draw them. When you're done, share it , copy it , or save it .

Add notes to screenshots using screen sketch

Open screen sketch and draw on whatever you're doing on your PC at that moment. All your sketchpad tools are here, from the ruler to line width to sharing and exporting.


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