Cortana and search

Cortana is there to help you at any time. To get Cortana’s attention, say “Hey Cortana.”


Here are some things Cortana can help you with on the Surface Hub:

To have Cortana…

Say this:

Join your meeting

“Hey Cortana, join my meeting.”

End your meeting

“Hey Cortana, end my meeting.”

Tell you when the next meeting is happening

“Hey Cortana, when’s the next meeting?”

Search for something online

“Hey Cortana," and then a description of what you want to search for. For example, “Hey Cortana, what’s the population of Germany” or “Hey Cortana, show me restaurants in Seattle."

Asking Cortana a question

If you’d rather not speak to Cortana, select the Cortana button and type with the keyboard.

If Cortana isn’t available on the Surface Hub you’re using, use search to find what you need. Just enter some search terms to get results.


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