Save places in Maps

The Maps app in Windows 10 lets you save a list of all of the places you might want to come back to later. Save your favorite places—your friend’s house, your kids’ school, a new restaurant you want to try—so you can quickly find them again.

Search and then save to favorites

Here’s how to add a favorite if you know the address or place name.

  1. In Maps, select Search and type the name or address of the location you want to save. Suggestions will appear as you type.

  2. Select the location that matches your search.

  3. Select Save in the details pane.

Image showing the button you use to save a place in Maps

Drop a pin and save it

If you already see the location that you want to save in the Maps app (or you don’t know the address), drop a pin and then save it.

  1. Press and hold (or right-click) the location you want to save and select Drop a pin.

    image of right-click menu in Maps

  2. Once your pin is dropped, you’ll see details about the pinned location, and you can select Save, as with any other location.


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