Description of the security update for Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2: April 8, 2014

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The Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Update for April, 2014 (2929437) is a cumulative update for Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. In addition to the fixes addressed by
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-018

and previous updates for Internet Explorer 11 on these operating systems, update 2929437 includes new enhancements for Internet Explorer 11 as described in the "New for Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2" section. Learn more about how to obtain the fixes that are included in this security update. For individual, small business and organizational users, use the Windows automatic updating feature to install the fixes from Microsoft Update. To do this, see Get security updates automatically on the Microsoft Safety and Security Center website.

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New for Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 7

Here's what's new and updated.

F12 developer tools

We continue to improve the F12 developer tools so that you can make your websites faster and also debug and test them more effectively. We have made the following changes:
  • In the DOM Explorer tool, we have removed Trace, added a toggle to restyle an element if a pseudo class is active, and added a Changes tab that lists all the changes that you have made to the DOM structure and CSS styles in a given session with DOM Explorer.
  • In the Console tool, you can select your execution target and run commands only within the scope of an iframe. Additionally, developers can record messages in the Console at all times instead of only when the Console is open.
  • The Debugger tool now supports source maps. These maps compile JavaScript back to the original code in which it was written. Also, you no longer have to set breakpoints every time that you open the browser to debug a webpage. And Just my code lets you tell the debugger to ignore third-party code and instead debug only the code that you write.
  • With our improvements to the UI Responsiveness tool, you can configure events that are displayed on the timeline button and filter to a particular event. Additionally, when a change is made to a style object that uses JavaScript (which requires the DOM to be updated), the individual changes and their times are displayed as descendants of the scripting event that caused them.
  • Memory tool improvements include the removal of color coding and the Operation column, and the addition of the Scope menu. There is also support for ECMAScript 6 containers. This makes it easier to inspect the details of memory use.
  • Enterprise Mode has been added to Internet Explorer 11.
  • There's now a more communicative Emulation panel to help you better understand why you are in the mode that you're in.
  • There are new keyboard shortcuts to help you move around more easily.

Internet Explorer WebGL renderer

For Internet Explorer 11, the Internet Explorer WebGL renderer has been updated to version 0.93, and it includes support for the following:
  • More GLSL conformance (structs, inout, more constructors)
  • Standards derivatives extension
  • Floating-point textures and compressed textures
  • GLSL point sizes up to 300 pixels
  • Non-float vertices
We have updated documentation in the following areas:

Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer

IT professionals can now use Group Policy settings to turn on Enterprise Mode for specific domains or webpages. Enterprise Mode provides Windows Internet Explorer 8 compatibility for webpages that are designed for Internet Explorer 8.

For more information about Enterprise Mode, see What is Enterprise Mode? on TechNet.

Also in this release

Known issues with this security update

2956283 Internet Explorer 11 crashes when you turn on or turn off Enterprise Mode in the Tools menu

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