Cumulative update package 2 for Microsoft SQL Server 2014

Applies to: SQL Server 2014 DeveloperSQL Server 2014 DeveloperSQL Server 2014 Standard

This article describes cumulative update package 2 (Build number: 12.0.2370.0) for Microsoft SQL Server 2014. This update contains hotfixes for issues that were fixed after the release of SQL Server 2014.

How to obtain this cumulative update package

Click "Hotfix Download Available" at the top of this Knowledge Base article. If the "Hotfix Request" page doesn't appear, contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support to obtain the cumulative update package.

Hotfixes that are included in this cumulative update package

VSTS bug numberKB article numberDescriptionFix area
23209042926223 FIX: Performance problems occur in NUMA environments during foreign page processing in SQL Server 2012 or SQL Server 2014Management Tools
25252632928300 FIX: Intense query compilation workload does not scale with growing number of cores on NUMA hardware and results in CPU saturation in SQL ServerSQL performance
25774812931815 FIX: Loads or queries on CCI tables block one another in SQL Server 2014SQL service
25252682932559 FIX: Totals are wrong after you filter on a pivot table item and remove the filter in SSAS 2012 or SSAS 2014Analysis Services
23571572933103 FIX: Assertion failure when you execute a query specifying TOP N and ORDER BY in SQL ServerSQL performance
23571592936154 FIX: DTA utility crashes with an access violation when you use user-defined function in SQL ServerManagement Tools
25252722938192 FIX: The execution of SSIS package takes a long time when you cannot enable garbage collector server mode in SSIS 2012 or SSIS 2014Integration Services
23571552938476 FIX: Errors when you use export/import data wizard to move data in SQL ServerIntegration Services
25252742939277 FIX: Incorrect results when you run queries that contain UNION operator by using parallel query plan in SQL ServerSQL performance
23562452950189 FIX: An access violation occurs when you execute update query on a table that has a DML trigger in SQL ServerSQL performance
25252822950209 FIX: Access violation when the start offset is larger than the string length in Substring function in SQL ServerSQL service
25252842952101 FIX: Poor cardinality estimation when the ascending key column is branded as stationary in SQL ServerSQL performance
23562492953354 FIX: Log Reader Agent fails when you have Oracle Publishing configured in SQL ServerSQL service
25252702954480 FIX: SSAS instance crashes when you perform writeback action by using the role with cell security definedAnalysis Services
25782982956619 FIX: The execution of an SSIS package that is stored in MSDB is slower than it is stored on the file systemIntegration Services
25252862958062 FIX: Error 515 when you add a subscription and then delete it in SQL Server 2012 or SQL Server 2014SQL service
25252792960237 FIX: Error when you execute DQS stored procedure [internal_core].[RestoreDQDatabases] in SQL ServerData Quality Services (DQS)
25783002960310 FIX: Access violation when you maintain RBS with the .NET Framework 4.0 in related configuration file in SQL ServerSQL service
25253012960735 FIX: Windows Update for SQL Server 2012 or SQL Server 2014 image does not work in Windows Azure Virtual Machine gallerySetup & Install
25252952960989 FIX: Error when you use DQS Cleansing component with large batch in an SSIS 2012 or SSIS 2014 packageDQS
25252902961254 FIX: The execution of an MDX query in SSAS 2012 or SSAS 2014 is much slower than it is in SSAS 2008 R2Analysis Services
23232062961258 FIX: Cannot access the data in FileTable after you upgrade from SQL Server 2012 SP1 to SQL Server 2014SQL service
25252992962650 FIX: Access violation occurs when running a Process Recalc on a tabular table in SSAS 2012 or SSAS 2014Analysis Services
25566032963408 FIX: Error 5180 occurs when you query BLOB column data in SQL ServerSQL service
24030532966096 FIX: Access violation when you insert data into a table that has a clustered columnstore index in SQL Server 2014 SQL service
24524072967198 FIX: DBCC SHRINKDATABASE or DBCC SHRINKFILE cannot move pages that belong to the nonclustered columnstore indexSQL service
25252612967240 FIX: Cannot reclaim unused space by using shrink operation in the table that contains a LOB column in SQL ServerSQL service
25252662967634 FIX: SSIS 2012 or SSIS 2014 XML validator only outputs "TRUE" or "FALSE" when you perform XML validationIntegration Services
25935752967900 FIX: Data models do not load after you run a PowerPivot scheduled data refresh job when you work with SQL Server 2014Analysis Services
23072202968023 FIX: Error in checking master database after you bind a memory-optimized database to a resource pool in SQL Server 2014In-Memory OLTP
25050832968627 FIX: Dump file and deadlock when you run update and CTAS with limited log space in SQL Server 2014 PDW V2 AU1SQL service
25050282968658 FIX: Latch time-out when you insert data into the CCI on an AlwaysOn secondary site in SQL Server 2014SQL service
22628402968974 FIX: You cannot create a power view report against a UDM cube in SSAS 2014Analysis Services
25256892969419 FIX: Truncated CCI partitioned table runs for a long time in SQL Server 2014SQL service
25256992969421 FIX: Poor performance when you bulk insert into partitioned CCI in SQL Server 2014SQL service
24671302969741 FIX: Sys.indexes returns incorrect value for indexes in SQL Server 2014In-Memory OLTP
25162012969781 FIX: Error when you add a custom connection manager in SSIS 2014 DesignerIntegration Services
2969896 FIX: Data loss in clustered index occurs when you run online build index in SQL Server 2012 or SQL Server 2014SQL service
24156752970137 FIX: Instance ID is different in related system tables after you register a database as a DAC in SQL Server 2014Management Tools
25510052970386 FIX: Metadata corruption occurs when you update index statistics with INCREMENTAL=ON in SQL Server 2014SQL performance
26121422973444 FIX: "SQL Server performance counters are disabled" when you move the SQL Server resource in SQL Server 2014Reporting Services
22628772974373 FIX: Poor performance when you use DAX functions on a String or Boolean column in SSAS 2014Analysis Services
23700412974374 FIX: Cloud Adapter crashes when you restore a database on a Windows Azure virtual machine deployed by using a SQL Server 2014 imageManagement Tools
25313442974376 FIX: Error when you execute a stored procedure that inserts records into temp table the second time in SQL Server 2014SQL service
25050652974397 FIX: Error when you drop a clustered columnstore index table during recovery in SQL Server 2014SQL service
25050922974398 FIX: "Possible termination due to exception during stack unwinding" error during exception handling in SQL Server 2014SQL service
23613162962599 Can now disable checking whether dimension and partition data originate from the same data source when you run a ROLAP query in SQL Server 2014Analysis Services

Notes for this update

Cumulative update

  • We recommend that you test hotfixes before you deploy them in a production environment.
  • We recommend that you apply the most recent update release .
    • This cumulative package is intended to correct only the problems that are described in this article. Apply it only to systems that are experiencing these specific problems.
    • The most recent update release contains all the hotfixes and all the updates that were included with the previous SQL Server 2014 update release.
  • We recommend that you upgrade your SQL Server to the next SQL Server 2014 service pack .

Hybrid environments deployment

When you deploy the hotfixes to a hybrid environment (Such as AlwaysOn, replication, cluster, mirroring, and cluster), we recommend that you go and refer to the following articles before you deploy them:

Cumulative update package information


To apply this cumulative update package, you must be running SQL Server 2014.

Restart information

You may have to restart the computer after you apply this cumulative update package.

Registry information

To use one of the hotfixes in this package, you do not have to make any changes to the registry.