Surface Pro (5th Gen) features

Applies to: Surface Pro

Surface Pro (5th Gen) and Windows 10

Surface Pro (5th Gen) comes with Windows 10 Pro edition.

If you're not sure which Surface model you're using, see Which Surface model do I have? 

Diagrams of Surface Pro (5th Gen)

Not sure where to plug something in or how to turn up the volume? We've got you covered. Here are a few diagrams to help you find your way around.

Shows the screen of a Surface Pro 6 with 5 buttons and ports called out with numbers

  1. Headset jack
  2. Power button
  3. Volume
  4. Windows Hello with face sign-in
  5. Front-facing camera

Image of Surface Pro 6 angled to the side with 5 features called out by number

  1. Mini DisplayPort (version 1.2)
  2. USB 3.0
  3. SurfaceConnect
  4. Kickstand
  5. microSDTM card reader

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