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There are several ways to find out which Surface device model you have.

Look in the Surface app

The easiest way to find which Surface model you have is in the Surface app. It shows the model name of your Surface device and for each Surface accessory.

  1. Select Start , search for surface, then select the app from the list of results.

    Open the Surface app

    Note: If you don't see the Surface app in the search results, you might need to download the Surface app from the Microsoft Store.

  2. Look at the top of the window (or expand Device information and look at the value next to Surface model).

    Finding the model name of your Surface device in the Surface app.

Look in Settings

  1. Right-click (or long-press) Start , then select Settings  > System .

  2. Scroll down and select About.

  3. Look near the top of the window—above Device specifications—to find the Surface model information.
    Shows the device info near the top of the window, under the screen title.

Look in System information

  1. Select Start , search for system, then select System Information from the list of results.

  2. Look for System Model in the pane on the right.
    Shows System model information in the pane on the right.

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