How do I turn my mouse Magnifier on and off?

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You can use the Magnifier feature as you would a magnifying glass to enlarge text and images on any section of your screen. For example, you can use the Magnifier to read a small block of text on a Web page or to easily see a part of a picture in a photo editing program.

If the Magnify command was not assigned to a button on your mouse by default, you can assign it to one. For information about reassigning mouse buttons, see How do I reassign my mouse buttons?

Other mouse buttons will function as usual when the Magnifier is turned on.

Using the Magnifier

There are two screen magnifying modes available with Windows 7, full screen magnification and lens magnification.

  • With full screen magnification:

    • The whole screen is magnified.

    • You can zoom in or out and switch to Lens magnification mode.

  • With lens magnification:

    • A specific area of the screen is magnified in a resizable window.

    • You can increase or decrease the height and width of the magnifier window, zoom in or out, and switch to full screen magnification mode.

To turn on or turn off the Magnifier

  • Click the mouse button assigned to Magnify.

To change the Magnifier view

  • To change the Magnify view and toggle between the full screen magnifier and the lens screen magnifier, hold the Magnify button and then click the left button.

To change the magnification level

  • With the Magnifier window open, click and hold the Magnify button and then rotate the mouse wheel away from you (forward) to increase magnification, toward you (backward) to decrease magnification.

To change the height and width of the Lens Magnifier window

  1. With the Magnifier window open, press and hold the Magnify button and then move your mouse down to increase the height of the window, and up to decrease the height of the window.

  2. Move your mouse right to increase the width of the window, and left to decrease the width of the window.