Troubleshoot problems with detecting and removing malware

Applies to: SecurityWindows

The troubleshooting info in this topic might help you if you're experiencing any of the following problems when detecting and removing malware with Windows Defender Antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials, or other Microsoft antimalware solutions:

Provide feedback to Microsoft

Microsoft continually works on enhancing the user experience on all current products, including Windows Defender Antivirus. We encourage all customers to make use of the following feedback channels included in Windows 10:

  • Set Windows to automatically prompt for your feedback. Windows is already configured to automatically prompt for feedback by default. To ensure this feature is turned on, go to Start  > Settings  > Privacy  > Diagnostics & feedback. Under Feedback frequency, make sure that Windows is set to ask for your feedback automatically.
  • Manually send feedback at any time through the Feedback Hub app. To send feedback, type Feedback Hub in the search box to open the app. In the app, select Feedback > Add new feedback. Select Security, Privacy, and Accounts > Windows Defender Antivirus as the category.

Read Diagnostics, feedback, and privacy in Windows 10 for questions about privacy and feedback settings.

Submit undetected malware

If you believe Windows Defender Antivirus is not detecting a malicious file, obtain a copy of that file and submit it to us for analysis. We will try our best to quickly review that file and update our solutions as appropriate.