What you should know before you install Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Before you install Windows Vista SP1, you should know the following:
  • The installation might take an hour or more. Therefore, if you are installing Windows Vista SP1 on a laptop, make sure that you plug in the power cord.
  • During the installation, your computer will restart several times. Therefore, save your work, and close all open programs before you begin.
  • After the installation, occasionally a sound device or some other hardware device may no longer work. If this occurs, just install an updated driver for the device. To do this for a sound device, follow the steps in Knowledge Base article 948481 . You may want to add a link to this article in your Bookmarks or Favorites folder so that you have the link in case you need it after the installation is complete.
To learn what is included in Windows Vista service packs and how to install them, visit the following Microsoft website:The Windows Service Pack Center includes information about service packs for all the most recent versions of Windows.

If you have problems installing Windows Vista SP1, visit the Windows Vista Solution Center:

For information about how to obtain Windows Vista SP1, visit the following Microsoft websites.

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