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Microsoft Edge helps you determine if a website is safe for browsing.  

As you browse the web, you'll see an icon in the address bar that indicates the security of the connection to the site you're visiting. This icons helps you determine if you can safety send to and receive information from the site. The connection tells you whether the information sent to and from the site, such as passwords, addresses, or credit cards, is securely sent and can't be intercepted by an attacker. The connection doesn't tell you about the site's reputation. However, if the address is a known phishing or malware site, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen will determine and indicate that.

The connection icon in the address bar has four different states.  The following information explains what each state means and provides tips for how to make smart decisions for your browsing: 

Connection secure (valid certificate)

Indicator for valid websites

  • The website you’re visiting has a valid certificate issued by a trusted authority. The information sent to and from the site is secure and can't be intercepted by an attacker. However, even websites with valid certificates may have a poor reputation, so always check the URL in the address bar to be sure you’re on the intended site before you enter any information.

Not fully secure (no valid certificate) 

Indicator for websites that are not secure

  • This website doesn't have a valid certificate. The information sent to and from it is not secure and can be intercepted by an attacker or seen by others. There's a risk to your personal data when sending or receiving information from this site.

  • If possible, contact the website owner to request that their site protect its data with a secure connection.

Outdated security configuration (not valid, expired, self-signed)

Icon for a website with an invalid certificate

  • This website's certificate is invalid or something is severely wrong with the security of the site. The information sent to and from it is not secure and can be intercepted by an attacker or seen by others.

  • Microsoft Edge suggests you don’t enter personal information into this site or avoid using it altogether.

Suspicious or dangerous website (phishing or malware)

Icon for a suspicious or dangerous website

  • This website has been flagged by Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. Microsoft Edge suggests you avoid it. Using this site will put your privacy and security at risk.

  • The website was flagged because it may be trying to trick you into installing something dangerous or revealing your personal information such as passwords or credit cards.

  • Learn more about Microsoft Defender SmartScreen.

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