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Chat with employees and customers

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You can chat internally with your coworkers, or chat with a guest user, such as a customer or a partner. If guest access is turned on for your business, you can just type an email address to add a guest to a chat.

Start 1:1 or group chats to collaborate with a smaller group or to talk privately, and pin chats for quick access.

  1. In Chats, you can have 1:1 or group chats with people.

  2. Select New chat Select to start a new chat..

  3. Type the name of the person or people you want to contact.

  4. Select the down arrow to add a name to your chat group.

To make a video or audio call from a chat

  • Select Video call Select to start a video call. or Audio call Select to start an audio call. to call someone directly from a chat.

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