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Your work phone is now your walkie talkie as well. Open the Teams Walkie Talkie app when you get to work and connect to a channel. For instructions, see Get started with Teams Walkie Talkie

To use Walkie Talkie, your phone must be connected to the internet, either over wi-fi or cellular data. Because Walkie Talkie communication uses the internet, the distance between co-workers is not an issue.

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What if my phone is locked?

Speak on a channel

Listen on a channel

What if my phone is locked?

Not a problem. As long as you're connected to a channel, Walkie Talkie works.

When you're not connected to a channel, you won't hear any Walkie Talkie communications.

For information on the devices that make this possible, see Walkie Talkie Devices.

Speak on a channel

Only one person can speak at a time.

Note: Currently one-on-one communication is not available in Walkie Talkie.

  1. If you aren't connected to the channel you want to contact, tap the right-facing arrow next to your currently selected channel (or next to the word Channel if you aren't connected), select the new channel, and tap Connect at the bottom of the screen. Select the right-facing arrow to change channel.

    Select right-facing arrow to change channel

  2. Press and hold the push-to-talk (PTT) button on your headset or special phone, or select and hold the large Talk button in the center of the Walkie Talkie screen. Continue holding the button while you talk. You'll know you're the speaker when you see a circle around the Talk button and hear the PTT chime. 
    Main Walkie Talkie screen Android

Listen on a channel

When you've finished talking, release the PTT or Talk button to allow others to speak. 

You'll see the name of the person speaking and their photo (if available).

Name and photo of colleague who's talking appears on screen

Note: You need to disconnect to stop receiving transmissions. 

For IT admins

Walkie Talkie app in Microsoft Teams

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