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Welcome to Walkie Talkie, the Teams app that turns your work telephone into a simple and secure instant voice communication device with a push-to-talk (PTT) experience.

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Open Walkie Talkie

Pin the Walkie Talkie app for quick access

Connect to a channel

See who is connected to a channel

Walkie Talkie devices



You may already use a walkie talkie-like device at work to coordinate with coworkers, ask for immediate assistance, contact security, and so on. Like traditional walkie talkies, you press and hold a button to speak on Teams Walkie Talkie and release the button to listen. 

Unlike traditional walkie talkies, Teams Walkie Talkie is on your phone and integrated with your Teams environment.

Walkie Talkie screen, showing pinned channels and Talk button when user is speaking.

Note: You need to press Stop listening to stop receiving transmissions. 

Open Walkie Talkie

If you're using Walkie Talkie for the first time in Teams, you'll see a red dot notification on the Walkie Talkie icon in the Teams app bar.

The Walkie Talkie icon showing the red dot notification

To open Walkie Talkie, tap Walkie Talkie in the Teams app bar.

The Walkie Talkie icon in the Teams app bar

If you don’t see the Walkie Talkie app when you open Teams, swipe up from the bottom of your screen or tap More  More options button to access it.

Pin Walkie Talkie for quick access

If Walkie Talkie isn't already pinned to the app bar in Teams, here’s how to do it.

  1. In Teams, swipe up on from the app bar and tap Edit.

  2. In Edit navigation, drag Walkie Talkie from More Apps to the top section.

Note: The number of apps you can have in the app bar is limited, so you may need to remove other apps before you can pin Walkie Talkie.

Connect to a channel

You can connect to and talk on only one channel at a time in Walkie Talkie.


  • Walkie Talkie doesn't support shared channels.

  • To connect to a channel and use Walkie Talkie on iOS devices, Walkie Talkie must be the only PTT app that’s running on your phone. Close any other PTT apps before you use Walkie Talkie, and make sure to tap the Leave button in the other PTT app if it's running in the background.

You can choose one channel to connect to or select up to five favorite channels. Your favorite channels are pinned at the top of the Walkie Talkie screen in alphabetical order, making it easy to switch channels.

  1. Tap Select channels.
    Walkie Talkie screen, showing suggested channels and Select channels button.

  2. Select up to five channels.
    If you select more than one channel, and you want to hear activity on all your selected channels, turn on the Listen to multiple channels toggle. 

    The Select channels screen in Walkie Talkie.

  3. If you selected one channel, you're automatically connected to that channel. The channel name appears next to > and the team name is under that. 

    Walkie Talkie screen, showing one selected channel.

    If you selected more than one channel, you're automatically connected to the first channel in your list of pinned channels. 

    The channel name next to > indicates your active channel, which is also highlighted in your pinned channel list. You'll see the team name under that. The active channel is the channel you speak on. 

    Walkie Talkie, showing pinned channels and the active channel

    To speak on a different channel, tap a pinned channel to switch to it. The channel name next to > changes to indicate it’s your active channel, and you'll see it highlighted in your list of pinned channels.  

    Note: Walkie Talkie remembers the last channel you connected to and automatically selects and connects you to that channel the next time you open Walkie Talkie.

    Learn more about how to communicate with your team on Walkie Talkie.

See who is connected to a channel

The number next to  Participants icon indicates how many people are currently connected to the channel, including yourself. Tap  Participants icon to see who is connected.

The people icon in Walkie Talkie, indicating the number people connected to the channel

Walkie Talkie devices and headsets

You can use Walkie Talkie with specialized devices and headsets that have a dedicated PTT button and wired headsets that have a play/pause or answer/end call button. Press the PTT button or tap the play/pause or answer/end call button to instantly talk to your team members on your connected channel.

With these devices and headsets, you can communicate on a channel even when your phone is locked. For a list of these devices and headsets, see Walkie Talkie devices and accessories.

If you're using a wired headset with Walkie Talkie, see Set up and use a wired headset with Walkie Talkie


To change Walkie Talkie settings, select your profile picture, go to Settings > Walkie Talkie.

Walkie Talkie settings

The settings you choose will apply across all the devices on which you use Walkie Talkie. 


  • To mute the alert sounds when you send and receive transmissions, turn on the Noise suppression toggle.

  • Turn on or turn off Acoustic Echo Cancellation.

Alert style

  • Turn on or turn off the Beeps toggle, depending on whether you want to hear beep alerts. 

  • Turn on or turn off the Vibrate toggle, depending on whether you want your phone to vibrate when you send transmissions.

Transmission mode

If you're using a wired headset, tap Wired Headset to view or change your transmission mode settings, set your transmission length when in Toggle-to-Talk mode, or test your headset to determine the transmission mode.  To learn more, see Set up and use a wired headset with Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie Toggle To Talk mode settings


Turn off the Auto Connect toggle if you don't want to automatically connect to channels. By default, this setting is on.


Select Test Network Quality to check your network connection.

The Test Network Quality screen in Walkie Talkie

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