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Nested replies enable people to reply directly underneath a comment or another reply, and they are indented to show the context. This feature is expected to be rolled out in late summer 2021.

Nested replies make it easier to tell when someone is responding to another person’s comment or reply versus the original conversation starter post. In the past, Yammer has had only one level of responses, which were called comments. With nested replies, the top-level responses --the comments on the initial conversation--will be considered comments, while replies to those comments or replies to other replies will be considered nested replies.

Yammer will support one level of nesting, so replying to a nested reply will not further indent the further. Instead, the owner of the original reply is @mentioned by default, at the top of the reply, but you can remove this @mention if you like.

Screenshot with callouts showing methods to create nested replies to a Yammer conversation.

Do one of the following to create a nested reply on the web.

  • Select Reply on the comment (option #1).

  • Select Reply on the nested reply (option # 2).

  • Type your response in the publisher at the bottom of the nested conversation thread (option #3).

Note: Yammer will soon support the deletion of the conversation threadstarter post and top-level comments, while leaving a deletion message behind. This will help provide context, for example, if a nested reply relates to a message that was deleted but no longer exists. Nested replies, however, won't leave behind a deletion message, since they won't have any messages that are nested below them.

Create a nested reply on mobile

  1. Go to the single conversation view by clicking on the conversation from the feed view.

  2. Select Reply underneath a comment or a reply to pull up the reply publisher where you can type your response.

Deep linking to a nested reply

Yammer can show you the specific comment or nested reply when it notifies you about an update. For example, if someone clicks Like on one of your nested replies, you won't have to sort through a full conversation thread to see which response the notification is for. 

Do the following to see a nested reply on the web:

  1. Select the Notifications bell   Screenshot of the notification bell in Yammer  in the suite header.

  2. Select a notification that informs you about a reaction to one of your posts, comments, or replies.

  3. You will then see the exact message that triggered the notification.

Tip: You'll also be able to share a specific nested reply by selecting the Share icon underneath your nested reply and clicking Share to Community or Share to Private Message.

Work with deep links on mobile

  1. Select Notifications at the bottom of the screen.
    Screenshot showing the Yammer notifications icon on the mobile app

  2. Click on a notification informing you about a reaction to one of your older posts, comments, or replies.

  3. You will then see the exact message that triggered the notification.
    Screenshot showing deeplinking on mobile


Q: What is the difference between a reply and a comment?

A: Once Yammer supports nested replies, the top-level comments or comments to the initial conversation will be considered comments, and replies to those comments or replies to any other replies will be considered nested replies.

Q: Will deleting nested replies result in deletion messages?

A: No. Deletion messages are only created for starter posts and comments that have child messages associated with them. This preserves the context around the deleted content. Since nested replies cannot have any child messages, deleting a nested reply won’t result in a deletion message. 

Q: How does the experience with existing or legacy conversations differ between classic and new Yammer?

A: The following describes the different experiences, including whether or not the original conversation was started in classic or new Yammer.

In new Yammer:

In new Yammer, existing legacy threads will enable the creation of new nested replies. The older in reply to messages stay as top-level comments for now. On legacy threads, where the conversation starter post has been deleted previously, you’ll soon see deletion messages in place of those deleted conversation starters. Top-level comments that were deleted previously are not replaced by deletion messages, since legacy comments did not have any child messages associated with them.

In classic Yammer (and other older clients):
For both existing and new threads on classic Yammer (and other older clients),  the flat conversational model will continue, without nesting of replies. Any nested reply created on new Yammer continues to show up as a top-level comment ordered chronologically on classic Yammer and older clients. On classic Yammer (and other older clients), in threads where the conversation starter is deleted (previously or in the future), the existing behavior stays as is. The first comment on the thread is promoted to take the place of the deleted conversation starter post. Classic Yammer and the older clients will also not support any of the other new features introduced with nested replies.

Q: How will nested replies and deletion messages work on older clients that don’t support this feature?

A: Older clients that don’t support these features will continue to show a flat conversations model, with new nested replies from newer clients showing up as top-level comments ordered chronologically. Deletion behavior will also be the same as what existed before we deletion messages were introduced. 

Q: Are nested replies and the associated features available on external networks?

A: No, at this moment this feature is not available on external networks.

Q: Is this feature available in the Yammer Integrations (Outlook Web, Teams Communities)?

A: These features are only available for now in new Yammer on web, Android, and iOS platforms. But we are working to enable this experience on Outlook web, Teams Communities, SharePoint, and the embed experience soon. 

Q: How do the new conversation features affect the Yammer inbox?

A: Yammer inbox will continue to function like it does today. Any new reply or comment on a post you have created, or a thread you’re following or have previously replied to or commented on, will continue to bump that thread to the top of your inbox. But the thread will now support deep-linking, which means when you click on that thread in the Inbox, you will land you on the latest message on that thread, whether it is a nested reply or a comment. 

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