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Excel for the web
Excel for the web

Create formulas

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Just like the desktop version of Excel, Excel for the web lets you use formulas and functions to perform calculations.

  1. Select a cell.

  2. Type the equal sign =.

  3. Type or select a cell, or type in a function, like SUM.

  4. Enter an operator, like minus -, or select the cells or range that are part of the function.

  5. Press Enter for the result. The result shows in the cell, but you can always see the formula in the Formula bar.

Dynamic arrays

Excel formulas that return multiple values, also known as an array, return results to neighboring cells. This behavior is called spilling. Any formula that has the potential to return multiple results can be referred to as a dynamic array formula.

  1. Select a cell with room around for results to spill into.

  2. As an example, type =SORTBY(A2:B15,B2:B15,1).

  3. Press Enter for the results.

    Note: Array formulas can't be input if there is anything blocking the output range. If this happens, Excel will return a #SPILL! error indicating that there is a blockage. If you remove the blockage, the formula will spill as expected.

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