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How do I use the in-app functionality in Microsoft Forms to find, access, export, and delete personal data?

To find data generated by these applications, you or the data owner must use in-product functionality or features to find data that may be relevant to a DSR. Product and service usage data follows a controlled lifecycle designed to comply with GDPR data subject requests. Learn more.

Is Microsoft Forms supported in eDiscovery?

Yes, Microsoft Forms is supported in Electronic Discovery or eDiscovery in Microsoft 365 (only in environments with eDiscovery support). You can use the keyword search of either a form title or user to search for Forms content in eDiscovery.

Note: Only Forms content created after January 2019 is available for search in eDiscovery.

The results of the forms you search for will be returned as .json files attached to emails, while the results of form responses you search for will be returned as individual .csv files attached to emails. Learn more about exporting content search results.

Where can I find more information about GDPR?

For more information about GDPR and how Microsoft 365 is helping to protect your data, please visit the following:

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