Learn more about the Calendar preview on Windows 10

In the coming months, we'll release an improved version of the Calendar app for Windows 10. The new Calendar experience will be even easier to use, more customizable, and more beautiful. If you're a Windows Insider, you can try a preview of the new Calendar experience today! 

What is the Calendar preview?

We're updating the Calendar app for Windows 10 with improved features, new themes, and a cleaner interface that's easier to use. The Calendar preview is an early look at this update. It will initially include a subset of the features currently available in Calendar today, and we'll be adding more features each month.

If you'd like a sneak peek at the Calendar preview and would like to provide feedback about how we can improve, you can opt in to the preview today. You can switch between the preview and the classic version at any time.

How do I get the preview?

We're making the preview available to a percentage of users in the Windows Insider program. If you're an Insider, open the Calendar app and look for a Try the preview toggle at the top of the window.

A screenshot of the Try the preview toggle

Will my calendar events appear in the preview?

Yes. Any account you add to the Calendar app will also appear in the preview. You can view and edit your events in the preview, and any changes you make will appear in both the preview and classic version.

What's new in the preview?

The Calendar preview will initially be available with the following new features:

  • New themes: Choose from 34 new themes, including gorgeous landscapes, seasonal illustrations, or your favorite colors.

  • Improved month view: Month view now includes an agenda pane that lets you see your day's events at a glance.

  • Simplified new event form: We've made it even easier to add an event to your calendar.

  • Redesigned account navigation: We've collapsed the account navigation pane, leaving more space for your day's events.

We're continuously updating the preview, so stay tuned for more new features as well as your favorite features from classic Calendar.

Note: The Calendar preview does not currently offer support for non-Gregorian calendars. That feature is currently in development.

How do I share feedback about the preview?

Your feedback helps us improve! At the top of the Calendar window, select the Feedback button  Feedback button and tell us what you think of the preview. You can let us know what you like, report a problem, or share a suggestion.

How do I turn off the preview?

Select the Try the preview toggle at the top of the Calendar window to return to the classic version. You can switch between the preview and classic version at any time.

A screenshot of the Try the preview toggle

Thanks for trying the Calendar preview!

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