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Discoverability on Microsoft Teams 

What information is visible to others on Teams?

  • The information you use to log in with during app install (phone number and/or email) will only be visible to users who already have your phone number and/or email in their device contacts and have given permission to sync contacts and find friends on Teams.

  • On app reinstall, users need to onboard to the Teams App again. If you login with a different alias from the same Microsoft Account, the information (phone number and/or email) will be added to your Teams profile.

How do others search for me and find me on Teams?

  • You will be searchable by other users in Team if they know the phone and/or email that you logged in during app install. The phone number(s) and email(s) you are searchable by are also visible when you view your own profile.

  • If someone has your phone number or email saved in their contacts and they join teams, they will see that you are on Teams.

  • If you are in a group chat, other members will be able to see you are in the group. They can request to start a new chat with you via the group. Your information (phone number or email) will not be visible to them once you accept the chat.

Can minors use Teams?

  • When a child creates a Microsoft account, parental consent is required to authorize the account creation and the subsequent use of Microsoft products and services while signed in by that account.

  • An authorized minor who has joined Teams will be searchable by other users only if those users know the phone number and/or email address associated with the minor's Microsoft account.

  • The phone number and/or email address that a minor is searchable by are only visible to them when they view their own profile. 

How do I delete my Teams profile or make myself non-discoverable to other users? 

Currently we don’t support deleting Team’s profile in the App. You can go to your account to delete any information around your profile and the same will reflect in the App instantly.

What happens if I remove my phone number or email from my account on Accounts.Microsoft.com?

If you remove your email or phone number from your account, it will be deleted from your Teams profile immediately. As a result, users will not be able search for you through phone number or email. 

What happens if I add an email or phone to my Microsoft Account? 

If you add a new email and phone, your Team profile will not be updated. This feature is not supported on Teams yet.

How do I change my name or photo? 

You can change your name and photo from the profile page. This will update the information on your Microsoft account. Learn more about editing your Teams profile.

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