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Review the applied steps

Review the applied steps

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Before finishing, let’s walk through each query step of the Product Sales query and make any adjustments. Because you finished the last step on the new query that merged the Product and Category tables, expand the Queries pane and select the Product Sales table. This is the step in the Product Sales table in which you added the Bonus column.

This is just a sample of what you can do, but it's always a good idea to go through your applied steps before you distribute your workbook. You might find that certain steps can be managed better, once you get an entire transformation set up. It's also better to catch an issue up front than to have someone point it out later.

  1. To return table data to its original state, select Source step, and do the following:


    Comments and actions

    Source and Changed Type

    These are automatically added. You could delete the Changed Type step because you adjust the Date Type in a following step.

    Renamed Columns

    Added when you renamed columns from their original database names.

    Note   As you select each step, Power Query previews it for you.

    Changed Type1

    Added when you changed the date to not include hours or minutes. For clarity, change it to Changed Date Type.

    Split Column by Delimit

    For clarity, change it to Split Sales Rep Names.

    Added Custom

    For clarity, change to Bonus.

    Tip   You can also change a step's parameters by clicking on the gear icon if it has one. For example, you might change the sales amount or commission percentage.

  2. To return the transformed data to an Excel worksheet, Select Home > Close & Load.         

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