Sort, rename, or move photos and files in OneDrive

After you upload photos and files to OneDrive, you can sort, rearrange, rename, and move them on the OneDrive website to keep them organized. To see these options, sign in to OneDrive on the web with your personal Microsoft account.

Sort files

Note: As explained later in this article, the following steps don't apply to Photo view, because this web-only view aggregates photos from various folder locations in OneDrive.

  1. In OneDrive on the web, select My files and go to the folder that contains the files or photos you want to sort.

  2. Select a column header, then select the display order you prefer. (For example, select the Name header, then select A to Z or Z to A.)

    • Alternately, select Sort at the upper right of the screen to specify the order your files are displayed in, such as by Name, Modified, or Sharing.

      Note: The Sort option at the upper right is available only if you're signed in with a Microsoft account.

Rename a file or folder

  1. Select the file or folder you want to rename. (In List view, check the circle to the left of the item; in Tiles or Photo view, check the circle in the upper-right corner of the tile.)

  2. Select Rename, and then enter a new name.

Note: OneDrive can sometimes rename items with invalid characters for you.

Move a file or folder to a different location

To move a file or folder on

  1. Browse to the file or folder that you want to move.

  2. Select the item you want to move. (In List view, check the circle that appears to the left of the item when you hover the pointer there; in Tiles or Photo view, check the circle in the upper-right corner of the tile when you hover the pointer there.) You can also select multiple items to move them together, as a group.

  3. In the top navigation, select Move to

  4. In the Move to pane, browse to the destination folder, and then select Move.

    If you want to create a new folder in which to store the item, select New folder.

  5. If you need to move files or folders between OneDrive accounts (such as from a Microsoft account to a work or school account), you'll have to sync the files to your PC or Mac and then use File Explorer (for Windows) or Mac Finder to move your files.

    Note: You can't move photos from Photo view because this web-only view aggregates photos from various folder locations in OneDrive. If you want to move the photos you see there, you'll need to find the files in Files view (or in File Explorer or Finder) and then move the files from their actual locations. If you took the photos on a phone, try searching for the "Camera Roll" folder. 

    Similarly, you can't move an album to another location, because an album is also an aggregated view of individual files, rather than a folder that's easily moveable as a unit.


  • If you're signed in to the OneDrive desktop app on your computer, you can use File Explorer (or Mac Finder) to sort, move, and rename your OneDrive files and folders.

  • You can also use the OneDrive mobile app on your Android, iOS, or Windows device to sort, move, and rename files or folders.

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