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The Training and courses site template is a team site that serves as an internal home page for your training course. Prepare course participants and students for specific learning opportunities by sharing course resources, news, and events.

In this article, you can learn about the elements that are on the SharePoint Training and courses site template and how you can customize the site to make it your own. 

Site features

  • Customizable site that comes with pre-populated with images, web parts, and content to inspire site editors when making customizations to fit your organization's needs.

  • Consider pairing the Training and courses site template with the Learning central and Training and development team site templates.


  • Some functionality is introduced gradually to organizations that have opted into the Targeted release program. This means that you may not yet see this feature, or it may look different than what is described in the help articles.

  • When you apply a template to an existing site, your content will not automatically merge with the new template. Instead, existing content will be stored as a duplicate page in Site contents

First, follow instructions on how to add the template to a new or existing site.

Note: You must have site owner permissions to add this template to your site. 

Explore pre-populated site content, web parts, and pages and decide what you'll need to customize to align with your organization's brand, voice, and overall business objective. 

Pre-populated site pages:

  • Home page - Landing place for viewers to engage in course news, events, and resources.

  • Conversations - Connects to a shared team alias and team calendar in Outlook. Connect this site to a Microsoft 365 group to add real time chat in Microsoft Teams.

  • Notebook - Connects to a shared OneNote.

  • Pages - Allows you to easily access pages within the course site.

  • Course materials - Document library that organizes and securely stores course resources.

  • Recycle bin - Provides access to recently discarded team content.

Once you've added the Training and courses site template, it's time to customize it and make it your own. 

Note: To edit a SharePoint site you must be a site owner or site member.

  1. Display course descriptions -  Use the Hero web part to display course objectives. 

  2. Share course resources - Use the Quick Links web part to provide quick access to course-related resources and materials. 

  3. Promote upcoming events -  Use the Events web part to connect students with each other, interest groups, and events. 

  4. Highlight course news -  Use the News web part to emphasize trainings, announcements, and educational opportunities. 

  5. Showcase the instructor profile - Use the Image and Text web parts to highlight instructor introductions and contact information. 

Image of the training site

Customize your site's look, navigation, web parts, and content to fit the needs of your viewers and your organization. When making customizations, ensure the site is in edit mode by selecting Edit in the top right of the page. As you work, Save as a draft, or Republish changes to make edits visible to viewers.

1. Edit the Hero web part to display course objectives

Image of the hero web part on the training and courses site template

  1. Begin by selecting the Hero web part and choose Edit.

  2. Then, choose the layer and tile options that best suit the organization’s needs.

Learn more about using the Hero web part

2. Use the Quick Links web parts to provide access to resources 

Image of the quick links web part on the training site

  1. Navigate to the Quick Links web part and select the link, and then the Edit.

  2. Edit the link, title, icon, and description if needed.

  3. To add a link, select + Add links.

See different layouts and learn more about editing the Quick Links web part.

3. Edit or add events to the Events web part to connect people

Image of the events web part on the training site

  1. Edit the web part to determine the event Source and Layout.

  2. To add or edit events in the Events web part, navigate to the Events web part and select + Add event.

Learn more about using and editing the Events web part.

4. Use the News web part to share training opportunities and announcements

Image of the news web part on the training site

To add news posts to your site, do the following:

  1. Select + Add in the News section to start creating your post. You'll get a blank news post page ready for you to start filling out.

  2. Build the news post page and select Post when you are ready to share with others.

Learn more about using the News web part.

5. Edit the Image and Text web parts to highlight instructor profiles

Image of the instructor profile on the training site

  1. Select Edit on the image.

  2. Select Change and upload an image.

  3. Choose to remove the text over the image by turning the text toggle On or Off or edit the text be selecting the text box.

Learn more about editing, cropping, and resizing images using the Image web part

Customize the look and site navigation

Before you share your site with others, put the finishing touches on your site by ensuring users can find the site, navigate through links and pages easily, and quickly access content on the site.

Share your site with others after you've customized your site, reviewed it, and published the final draft. 

  1. Select Settings and then Site Permissions.

  2. Then select Invite people and then select Add members to group and then Add to grant full access to team site content, shared resources like the team Outlook calendar and editing rights to the site.

  3. Then select Invite people and then Share site only and then Save to share the site but not shared resources or site editing rights.

Learn more about managing team site settings, site information and permissions.

After you create and launch your site, the next important phase is maintaining site content. Ensure you have a plan to keep content and web parts up to date. 

Site maintenance best practices:

  • Plan for site maintenance - Establish a schedule to review the site content as often as needed to ensure content is still accurate and relevant.

  • Regularly post news - Distribute the latest announcements, information, and status across the organization.  Learn how to add a News post on a team site or communication site, and show others who will be posting announcements how they can use SharePoint news.

  • Check links and web parts - Keep links and web parts updated to ensure you are leveraging the full value of your site.

  • Use analytics to improve engagement - View site usage by using the built-in usage data report to get information on popular content, site visits, and more.

  • Periodically review your site settings - Once you've created a site in SharePoint, you can make changes to the settings, site information, and permissions for the site.

More customization resources

Learn more about planningbuilding, and maintaining SharePoint sites.

See more SharePoint site templates.

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