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Footnotes in Word 2013
Footnotes in Word 2013

Change footnote number

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This tutorial video will show you how to change the footnote numbers to letters, numbers, and even asterisks.

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Footnotes in Word 2013

If you've got footnotes or endnotes and you need to change the numbering of them,

for example, we've got footnote one, two and three here, but maybe we want to use letters instead.

Maybe we want to use an A, B or C, or maybe we want to use some symbols, like an asterisk. You can do that.

Go ahead and just right-click your notes area and click "note options,"

and then over here on the right under "number format" choose the options you want.

I'm going to choose A, B and C, but you could also choose these options here, or you could choose these symbols here.

Those are very common. I'll click there and click "apply," and there we go.

We've got our numbering system changed to A, B and C, and then it's all throughout the document that change occurred,

so we've got the A here, okay, we've got the B here and the C right here.

So we've changed the footnote numbering, but what about the size of that little footnote? Can we change that?

And what about the text down here? Can we change the way this text looks? Can it be bigger? Can it be a different font?

Can it have different spacing? It sure can, and we'll show you how in the next video.

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