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Create your first Word 2013 document
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Create your first Word 2013 document

Insert items in a document

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Insert pictures, tables, and more to liven up your document, then align your text with these new elements.

Insert some things

  • On the INSERT tab, you can add pictures, shapes, SmartArt graphics, tables, and more to take your document to the next level.

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Basic tasks in Word 2013

What's new in Word 2013

Now let's take our document to the next level and insert some things in it.

And we'll do that with the commands on the INSERT tab.

Let's start by adding a picture.

To insert an object, you first click where we want to add it, and then choose what you want to add.

Locate a picture and click Insert.

Word tries to move everything around to make the picture fit.

But if it doesn't look right, you can change it.

First, we have to get the picture down to size, and that's what these little handles around the border do.

Click a corner handle, and then drag the mouse toward the center of the picture, until it is about the right size.

You can always change it later.

Next, you'll want to determine how the text lines up with the picture, so click this button, and check out your LAYOUT OPTIONS.

By default this option is selected: In Line with Text.

Click the other options to see what they do.

Again, you can explore as much as you want without worrying.

Let's try Square which means Word liquefies the text, so it flows around the picture.

Now, click the center of the picture and use these green guides to help you move the picture to align it with the margins and paragraph.

Notice that when the picture is selected, you get a new tab (PICTURE TOOLS FORMAT) on the ribbon.

Click that tab and you get all kinds of interesting options for formatting your picture. For example, you can open the Picture Styles gallery and choose a frame.

We can spend hours trying all the formatting options, but let's move on to tables.

Click where you want to insert the table, and then click Table.

We have a number of different options, but I find the easiest way to add a table is to use this grid.

Just move the mouse over these boxes until you get the number of rows and columns you are looking for. Then, click. You can always add or remove rows or columns later.

Next, click in each cell and add your text.

To add formatting, hold the mouse over the table and this little box appears above the top left corner. Click the box and select the table.

Now, you can use the mini toolbar, or move up to the ribbon and check out the TABLE TOOLS tabs that appear when you select the table.

Let's go to this DESIGN tab (the one under TABLE TOOLS) and select a style from the Table Styles gallery.

Now, if you want to add a row, hold the mouse over the border, and this bar with a plus sign in it appears.

Just click the plus sign. Do the same thing to add a column.

There are many more things you can insert, and options for formatting them.

But we are going to move on now and add a few finishing touches.

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