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Creating an MLA paper with citations and a bibliography
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Creating an MLA paper with citations and a bibliography

Inserting citations

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Adding references

  1. Creating citations for yours works will help make a correctly formatted bibliography. Place your cursor at the end of the citation, then click REFERENCES > Insert Citation to enter the information.

  2. After adding your citations, click REFERENCES > Bibliography to start.

  3. To update, click REFERENCES > Manage Sources.

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APA, MLA, Chicago: Automatically format bibliographies

Create a bibliography

Now, what is something else that we do in Word that can help us with college papers? Citations and Bibliography, okay?

This is a big time-saver. If you are typing out that bibliography by hand, you should probably stop.

It is probably just a big waste of your time, and you'll see why?

I am going to open up this Quotes document here, okay, and I have a couple of citations from various sources, fictional sources, of course, but sources, nonetheless.

And, of course, when you cite something in a paper, you need to do it in a certain fashion, that's kosher to the handbook you're using, either APA, Chicago, or MLA.

We are using MLA, so what we are going to do is we are going to go up here to the REFERENCES tab, and this is our little hub, or center of Citations and Bibliography.

You are going to be here a lot, when you are towards the end of your paper and adding all your citations. So we'll Insert Citation.

We'll choose New Source. We are going to first add a "Book" to this, okay, and the book's going to be by a guy named "Scott Schriefer", okay? The title is “Zombies Conquer.” The year is "2006".

The city that it was published in is "Seattle". The publisher is "Adventure Works Press", and the medium is "Print". Click OK, and the only thing that shows up is the Author Name, but that's okay, because later when we generate the bibliography, it's going to do it for us.

It's going to take all that information that we entered into there, and format it for us. I'll show you that in a second.

Now, since Scott's name is mentioned in the prose here, we don't need to cite his last name here, so we'll edit the citation.

Okay, we do need to say which Page Number this quote comes from in the book, so we'll put that in, but we don't need the author in this particular citation, because he's mentioned.

So we'll suppress all that, click OK. That's a properly formatted citation for MLA.

The other thing you should remember is to put your period on the outside of that citation.

That's the right way to do it.

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