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Design a diagram
Design a diagram

Organize flowchart shapes in swimlanes

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Organize flowchart information into functional divisions with swimlanes.

Add swimlanes to a flowchart

  1. From the CROSS-FUNCTIONAL FLOWCHART shapes stencil, select More Shapes > Flowchart.

  2. Drag a Swimlane shape onto the drawing page.

    Drag another swimlane shape near the first one, releasing it when you see the connection indicator.

    Screenshot of swimlane interface with the separator line selected to adjust size

Change the title of a swimlane

  • Double-click the swimlane label and type a new one in.

Change the size or position of a swimlane

  • To change the width of a swimlane, drag a separator line.

  • To change the length of a swimlane, drag the end line.

  • To move a swimlane and the shapes it contains, select the label and drag the swimlane to another location, and then release it when you see the connection indicator.

  • To delete a swimlane, select it and press Delete.

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Add swimlanes to a flowchart

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