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Print slides, notes, or handouts
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Print slides, notes, or handouts

Print Notes Pages as handouts

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You may find, when you create your slides, you have a lot of information for your audience.

Too much, in fact, to squeeze onto the slides. That is, if you want them to be readable and effective.

Here's an alternative that your audience will appreciate: Open the notes pane for the slide and put the additional details there.

You'll still cover the information when you present, and you can include it in your audience handout using Notes Pages.

This is how we do that. Let's click FILE, Print to open the print view and look at the Handout options.

The layout called Notes Pages is one of the options.

I'll click it to see a preview.

The Notes Pages include the slide plus all the notes that you have put in the notes pane for that slide.

You can print the whole presentation as Notes Pages and give your audience the slides plus all the details in the notes.

Another attractive thing about Notes Pages is that you can format them. Let's go back to Normal view to see how.

As you create your slides and notes, click VIEW, Notes Page at any time to see your notes in a Notes Page format.

I'll Zoom In for a closer look.

In this view, organize and format the notes, as if you were working in a document.

For instance, I'll select this text and click HOME, Bullets to make this a bulleted list.

I could do this type of formatting in the notes pane, but I find the view here easier to work with.

A great thing is that the view allows you to paste graphics.

To move to another Notes Page, use these double arrows, on the lower-right.

Here, I am pasting a SmartArt org chart.

I'll Zoom Out again.

And I'll click the Next Slide arrows to switch pages again.

Notes Page view also shows you whether your notes will fit on the page when you print.

To return to the normal view, click the Normal button.

To work in the notes pane as you create your slides, either drag the double-arrow cursor to open and close the pane. Or, click NOTES, down here to open and close it.

When you are finished with your slides and notes, and ready to print, click FILE and Print.

Be sure, you have selected the Notes Pages layout.

And choose the other options you want for the handout.

For more details about working with notes pages, see the course summary at the end of this course.

Up next: Print your handouts in Word.

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