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Send and open attachments
Send and open attachments

Sending attachments in detail

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Learn more about the ins and outs of sending, forwarding, and replying to emails that have attachements in this short video.

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Video: Send or delete an email stuck in your outbox

Open attachments

Save attachments

When you receive an email with an attachment, such as this one, and you click Reply or Reply All, the attachment is not included in your reply.

If you want your response to include that attachment, possibly you are adding the people to the email who haven’t seen it before, we recommend that you Forward the email.

When you forward, the email keeps the attachment, then you type who you want to send it to, possibly add some text, and click Send.

We sent a Word document as an email attachment, and then opened it in the first video in this course, Send and open attachments.

You can send all types of files this way, such as spreadsheets and pictures. The possibilities are virtually endless.

But, the email administrator for the people you are sending an email to, may block certain types of attachments for computer security.

I am attaching an .exe file.

An .exe is a program, and a malicious one that could harm the recipient’s computer, or even their company’s entire network.

I click Send and Outlook displays a warning that says the attachment is potentially unsafe.

Recipients using Outlook may not be able to open it. Do I want to send it anyway? I clickYes, and the email is sent.

Now, we are the recipient of the email that we just sent, and the email is in our Inbox.

But instead of the email having an .exe attachment, an informational message is displayed saying Outlook blocked access to a potentially unsafe attachment.

Your email administrator may block very large attachments. While they set the limit, a common one is 10 megabytes.

When I try to attach this file, it is 34 megabytes, Outlook displays an error message that this file is bigger than the email server allows.

For information about sending large attachments, see the link, Send or delete an email stuck in your outbox, in the course summary. It provides options for sending large files.

Up next: Print and save attachments.

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