Sort and filter data

Sort data

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Sort data in Excel quickly, in just a few clicks. To change the order of your data, sort it. To focus on a specific set of data, filter a range of cells or a table.

Select the data that you want to sort

  • Select a range of data, such as A1:L5 (multiple rows and columns), or C1:C80 (a single column). The range can include titles (headers) that you create to identify columns or rows.

Sort quickly

  1. Select a single cell in the column you want to sort.

  2. Click Sort A to Z to perform an ascending sort (A to Z or smallest number to largest).

  3. Click Sort Z to A to perform a descending sort (Z to A or largest number to smallest).

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Filter data in a range or table

Excel is an amazing tool for analyzing data.

And Sort and Filter are some of the most commonly used features to help you do this.

To change the order of your data, you’ll want to sort it.

Right-click a cell in the column you want to sort, and point to Sort.

Since the cells in this column contains only numbers, the sort options are Sort Smallest to Largest, and Sort Largest to Smallest.

Most number formats, such as Time and Currency, have the these sort options.

I click Sort Smallest to Largest, and the codes are sorted from lowest to highest value.

To focus on a specific set of your data, you can filter a range of cells or a table.

Click any cell in the range or table. On the HOME tab, click Sort & Filter, and click Filter.

Click a drop-down arrow at the top of one of the columns to display its filter options.

I click the drop-down arrow in the Category column.

Since the column contains text I get the Text Filters options. I can also uncheck and check values.

I uncheck all values, select Fruit, and click OK. And only the rows that have Fruit in the Category column are displayed.

Up next, Sort details.

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