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PowerPoint for the web
PowerPoint for the web

When you're ready to present

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Try it!

You can present right from PowerPoint for the web, just open the Slide Show tab.

Before you start

  • Select the Rehearse with Coach and go through your presentation. You'll see on-screen guidance for pacing, inclusive language, use of filler words, and culturally insensitive phrases. Plus a dashboard at the end will summarize your talk.

  • If you know captions or subtitles will be needed, select Always Use Subtitles and pick the language.

When you're ready

  1. Select Play from Beginning or Play for Current Slide if you want a different slide than the first.

  2.  With the on-screen buttons, select Previous or Next to move slides. 

    The presentation toolbar in PowerPoint for the web.

  3. To view all the slides in your presentation, select See all slides. Select the slide you want to go to directly.

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