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Learn how to switch your Outlook calendar view between day, week, or month views, change the week displayed, and see different shared calendars.

Adjust your calendar view

There are different views to choose from:

  • Month - View the entire month.

  • Week - View the week from Sunday through Saturday.

  • Work Week - View the work week from Monday through Friday.

  • Day - View the current day.

Change the displayed week

  • On the month-by-month calendar, select a week to change the displayed week in the calendar. Days in bold indicate a scheduled event.

See different calendars

  • To see different calendars side-by-side, select and open one under My Calendars.

  • With different calendars open:

    • Select the arrow on each calendar to overlay them and see when everyone's available.

  • Select Today to go back to the current day.

Get quick access to your calendar

  • Hover over Calendar to see a quick view of your calendar and scheduled events for the day.

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