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The Do Not Track request lets these sites and content providers know that you prefer not to have your browsing activity tracked. Note. Sending a Do Not Track request to sites doesn't guarantee privacy protection. Sites might choose to respect the request, or they might continue to engage in activities you'd view as tracking even though you have ...

Microsoft Edge, browsing data, and privacy – Microsoft privacy
Microsoft Edge will send Do Not Track requests to websites when the Send Do Not Track requests setting is turned on. Websites may still track your activities even when a Do Not Track request is sent, however. How to clear data collected or stored by Microsoft Edge. To clear browsing info stored on your device, like saved passwords or cookies:

Configure your privacy settings so they're right for you
Send “Do Not Track” requests. You can send a “Do Not Track” request when you visit websites. However, some sites might not respond to this request and might still decide to track your web behavior. It is up to the site you visit to honor this request or not. Allow sites to check if you have payment info saved.

Do Not Track setting in Edge - Microsoft Community
If the Do not Track or DNT is set by default or automatically then the site or advertiser can choose to completely ignore it. The user has to specifically opt out. I also read that this setting can be completely ignored as there is not legal obligation to implement the feature.
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Do Not Track setting in Edge - Microsoft Community
Hi, Thank you for posting the query on Microsoft Community. When the Send Do Not Track requests setting is turned on it will send a request to the websites you visit to not track your activities, including to the third parties whose content may be hosted on the sites you visit.. As you said it is turned off in Edge. We need to manually turn if ON. To change this setting, go to More actions ...
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Do Not Track -toiminnon käyttäminen Internet Explorer 11 ...
Do Not Track -pyyntö kertoo näille sivustoille ja sisällöntoimittajille, ettet halua, että selaamistoimiasi seurataan. Huomautus. Do Not Track -pyynnön lähettäminen sivustoihin ei takaa tietosuojan suojaamista. Sivustot voivat noudattaa tätä pyyntöä tai ne voivat jatkaa sellaisten toimintojen suorittamista, joita voi pitää ...

השימוש ב- Do Not Track ב- Internet Explorer 11 - Windows Help
כאשר Do Not Track מופעל, Internet Explorer ישלח בקשת Do Not Track לאתרים שבהם אתה מבקר ולצדדים השלישיים שהתוכן שלהם מתארח באתרים אלה. בקשת Do Not Track מיידעת אתרים וספקי תוכן אלה על כך שאתה מעדיף שלא ינוהל מעקב אחר ...

Používání funkce Do Not Track (Nesledovat) v Internet ...
Pokud zapnete funkci Do Not Track, bude Internet Explorer odesílat požadavky Do Not Track na vámi navštěvované weby a třetím stranám, jejichž obsah je na těchto webech hostovaný. Žádost o nesledování (Do Not Track) oznamuje webu a poskytovateli obsahu, že si nepřejete, aby ukládali informace o vašich aktivitách na internetu.

Windows 10 activity history and your privacy - Microsoft ...
Activity history helps keep track of the things you do on your device, such as the apps and services you use, the files you open, and the websites you browse. Your activity history is stored locally on your device, and if you’ve signed in to your device with a Microsoft account and given your permission, Windows sends your activity history to ...

Track changes in Word
Track Changes will still be on, but you'll be able to accept and reject changes. Turn off Track Changes. On the Review tab, turn off Track Changes. Word stops marking up new changes—but all of the changes that were already tracked will still be in the document. For more info, see remove the tracked changes and comments.

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