Set up Surface Duo after service

After service, you'll need to set up your Surface Duo, install updates, and then reinstall and update your apps. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1. Insert your SIM card

When you get your Surface Duo, insert your SIM card into it. Learn how

Step 2: Attach the Surface Duo Bumper

To help protect your Surface Duo, attach the bumper. To learn more, see Attach the Surface Duo Bumper.

Surface Duo with the bumper on

Step 3: Turn on your Surface Duo and complete setup

Press the Power button to turn it on. During setup, when you’re asked to sign in, use the same Google Account and Microsoft account you originally used on your Surface Duo.

If you backed up your Surface Duo to your Google Account before you sent it in for service, you can restore your Surface Duo from the backup during setup. For more info, see Set up Surface Duo.

Step 4: Install updates

After setup is complete, connect to Wi-Fi (if you haven't already), then install updates on your Surface Duo. To check for updates, open Settings, then tap System > System update > Check for update. For more info, see Update Surface Duo.

After you've installed any available updates, restart your Surface Duo, and then check for updates again. Repeat this until there are no more updates.

Step 5: Pair Bluetooth accessories

After a replacement, you’ll need to connect your Bluetooth accessories to your Surface Duo. If you have a Surface Slim Pen (not included), see Connect Surface Slim Pen to Surface Duo. If you have Surface Earbuds (not included), see Connect Surface Duo to your Surface Earbuds.

Step 6: Reinstall apps

When you get a Surface Duo back from our service center, the Microsoft and Google apps that came on your Surface Duo originally will already be installed. However, you’ll need to reinstall other apps you had if you start from scratch. If you restore your Surface Duo from a backup in your Google Account, apps will be reinstalled as part of that process. 

To update and reinstall Android apps

  1. On your Home screen, tap Play Store.

  2. Tap the Menu at the top > My apps and games.

  3. Tap Updates, and then tap Update for each app you want to update.

  4. Tap Library, then tap Install for any app you previously had installed that you want to install again.

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