You can easily create lists using bullets, arrows, dashes, numbers, or letters. Journal automatically recognizes them.  Journal lets you filter for lists in the side panel to make them easy to find.

Screen capture of a list on a page in Microsoft Journal

Working with List Items

  • Tap the bullet of any list item to select it.

  • Drag a selected item anywhere on the journal page using your finger or pen.

  • To insert space before moving a list item around, draw a line in from off the side of the page onto the page where you want to insert space. You can learn more about adding space in the Working with pages article.

Working with Lists

  • Tap the List Cue   Icon used in the list filter and cue in Journal  on the side of the page to select the entire list.

  • Copy  Icon used on the copy button in Journal  as ink or use the Copy as Text  Icon used on the copy as text button in Journal button.

  • Copied content can be pasted in Journal or other apps.

Finding Lists

From the Side Panel you can easily view and navigate to your lists:

  1. Tap the Filter button  Icon used on button to filter content in Journal

  2. Pick the List filter   Icon used in the list filter and cue in Journal 

  3. Then choose the Pages tab  Icon used on Pages tab in Journal to see pages that contain lists or choose the Cards tab  Icon used on Cards tab in Journal to see only the content associated with the lists.

Learn more in the Search and Filter article.

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