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Extend independent learning by adding Reading Coach to your Reading Progress assignments. Reading Coach identifies the five words that were most challenging for each individual student and gives them a supported opportunity to practice the words again. 

 Assign Reading Coach with Reading Progress

Assigning Reading Coach starts the same way as assigning Reading Progress! Get step-by-step support for creating a reading progress assignment. 

Reading Coach defaults to On when you create a Reading Progress assignment. 

  • Toggle Reading Coach to Off from here if desired.

  • Select Edit to explore and manage the support tools your students will be provided.

screenshot of the selected passage, with additional options for modifying the assignment

  • Use the buttons beneath the word to explore the tools your students will have access to.

  • Clear the checkboxes for any tools you don't want your students to use. The buttons available will reflect your selections.

  • Select Save, then select Next.

Edit any additional aspects of your assignment, like Instructions or Date due, then select Assign

Side panel of Reading Progress Assignment creation, showing Reading Coach defaulted to on

Review and return Reading Coach 

Collect valuable data while you review and return student Reading Coach assignments. 

  1. Navigate to the desired class, then select the Assignments tab at the top of the page.

  2. Under Assigned select the assignment you're ready to review.

  3. Assignments are sorted by To return and Returned.

  4. In Returned, select a student who has turned in their assignment. Their recording and the text they were assigned will open in your grading panel.

  5. To view the words the student practiced with Reading Coach, select Practiced words.

    • Attempts shows how many times the student practiced, with stars to indicate how well they performed. 

    • Tools used indicates where students used tools to help them practice and which tools they used. 

  6. Review the assignment, enter written feedback and points, then select Return.

  7. Press the arrows next to your student's name to quickly navigate to the next student.​

    Note: You can also select Return for Revision to ask students to try the assignment again.

Screenshot of the teacher grading pane reads: Geography reading passage., due January 15th 2021 12:59am, there are two tabs, to return (13) and Returned (0). The view of the to return tab is selected and two columns are visible, names and status. A number of student names are listed and statuses include "turned in" turned in 2 months late" and "Viewed" Screenshot of the review pane of Reading Progress,

visualization of how well the student performed on each practiced word and what tools they used to practice. For example, a green star for the word atmosphere and a picture icon to show that they used picture dictionary for support

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Complete a Reading Coach assignment

If your teacher has assigned a Reading Coach assignment, after a you finish reading a passage aloud, it will be your next step. 

Note: Reading Progress and Reading Coach are not supported for guest users. Ensure participants are members of the class.

  1. When you're done with your Reading Progress recording, select Use this recording to move on. 

Screenshot of the student view of reading progress, a white girl with a few missing teeth smile into the camera and buttons below her read "try again" and "use this recording"

2. The words that were most challenging will appear on your page. Select any word to practice it. 

screenshot of the student view of reading coach showing the 5 words a student was most challenged by with the cursor hovering over the word "carefully"

3. Use the tools to get more comfortable with the word.  

  • Select Hear the word to listen to the word read to you. 

  • Select Stretch the word to break the word into syllables.

  • Select See a picture to open an illustration of your word.

4. When you're ready, select the microphone and read the word out loud. 

5. Use the arrow buttons to navigate to your next word. When you've finished your words, select Next

6. Select Turn in

full screen view of student's reading coach page. the word carefully is shown with buttons to play the word, stretch the word, or see a picture beneath. a green microphone is at the bottom center of the page.

Note: The learning tools shown above may not always be available. Some words do not have illustrations, and sometimes your educator may decide to turn off certain tools. 

Review your Reading Coach results

When your educator returns your assignment, your mistakes will be color-coded on the text. You can review your video and hear the mistakes you made to help continue growing your reading skills!

1. Go to Assignments>Completed to find and select your desired passage.

2. Select the Reading Progress passage labeled My work

  • Now you can review your mistakes. Select any highlighted word then press Jump to word to see and hear how you read it.

  • Select Listen to this word to hear how it is supposed to be pronounced.

  • Select Practice word to open Reading Coach and practice again.

Note: Since you've already turned in your assignment, practicing the words in Reading Coach will not change your grade. 

5. Talk to your educator about what your results mean and how you can practice to improve your reading!

image of the reading progress assignment button that must be selected to open the student's dashboard smiling white student with pink headphones on is pictured in the video frame next to the passage she has read. the passage is marked with color coded errors.

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