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MARVEL videos are designed to clearly and concisely demonstrate M365 features and workflows, designed to engage viewers across a wide range of audiences and devices. The Microsoft Office “Tasty” video style is designed to engage viewers across a wide range of audience and devices. The goal is for the viewer to come away with a few steps that they can easily retain to accomplish the task.

*NOTE:  Review versions of videos should NOT be placed on YouTube or any other public-facing site.

Video Examples

PRE-Production Capture Settings

Note: For all Windows PC-based captures, please use Windows 11 unless there's a reason you need to show an earlier OS. If capturing Office desktop apps, make sure Office is updated so the most recent UI is shown. You should see rounded corners in the ribbon and other UI.

Optimal settings for capturing user interface demo footage:

  • Display setting on monitor: 150-250%

  • UI setting: 150%-200%

  • Camtasia capture dimensions: 16:9 ratio, as large as possible. Some suggested settings:

    • 2560x1440

    • 3200x1800

    • 3840x2160 (4k full-screen)

If rendering an MP4 from Camtasia for post-production:

  • In the Properties pane, set the Scale of the video track to 100%

  • Under Project Settings, set the Canvas Dimensions to Fit to Visible

  • Output format: MP4

  • Output resolution: equal to capture

POST-Production Output Settings

*NOTE:  Post-production work should take place ONLY in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Optimal settings for exporting the final video.

  • Format: H.264. In Adobe Media Encoder, start with the YouTube 1080p HD setting.

  • Frame rate: 30 fps

  • Bitrate settings: VBR, 1 pass; Target 10 Mbps; Max 12 Mbps

  • Resolution: 1920x1080

  • Use Maximum Render Quality – checked

  • Audio bitrate: 320

Thumbnail Image Creation

  • Format:  PNG or JPG

  • Resolution: 1920x1080

  • Guidance: Create a screenshot of the title slide of the video and a few screenshots that best show what the topic is about.


All text on screen must have a contrast ratio high enough to satisfy the WCAG AAA standard. The easiest way to ensure this is to test the color values of your text and its background using a color contrast checker such as WebAIM. By default, all Microsoft product colors satisfy the contrast requirement when paired with white.

Pace & Style

  • Emulate the overall pace and style of the example video above. Too fast or two slow will frustrate the user.

  • In general, each action (mouse click, tap, etc.) should take place right after the voice-over that describes it.

  • Use ease-in and ease-out on all zooms, pans, and pointer movements. Don’t add movement unless it’s necessary to draw the focus to the appropriate UI.

  • Add a slight arc to pointer movements so they appear more natural.

  • Pauses in the voiceover are OK if there is a lot of action to show; don’t speed through the action just to keep up with the voice.

  • See (link to script writing page) for more information about voiceover.


A main goal of Office “Tasty” videos is to catch your eye as you scroll through your social media feed. To that purpose, we employ an engaging, edgy style while following Office Brand guidelines.


Adobe Creative Cloud: After Effects, Premiere, Audition, Illustrator. Please check before using any plugins or 3D software that might not be available to later editors who might need to update the video.


Note: Depending on the project, you may not be responsible for delivering all of these items. Or, there may be additional items requested that are not listed here. Check with the person requesting the video to learn which items you're expected to deliver.

  • MP4s (usually 1 Microsoft version and 1 YouTube version) 

  • Thumbnail images

  • ZIP file containing the following:

    • Project file + All asset files

    • Finished MP4(s) and thumbnail(s)

    • Script/storyboard

    • Any other files/documents associated with the project

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