Send weekly assignment summaries to parents and guardians

Microsoft Teams for Education can help keep parents and guardians in the loop regarding their student's work. Enable parent/guardian emails to send them weekly assignment summaries.


  • This feature must be enabled by an IT administrator for your school and district before you can turn it on or off. Read more IT Admin instructions.

  • If your IT Administrator has already enabled weekly emails, this setting may be turned on by default. Read the directions below to find out how to adjust the setting for individual classes.

What's in the weekly assignment summaries?

When emails are enabled, parents/guardians will receive emails detailing their student's assignments from the previous week, including the statuses of turned in or missing work.

The summary also includes the upcoming week's due dates so that families can plan ahead. Each student's assignment data is private and only shared with their parents/guardians.

A Weekly Assignment Summary

Turn parent/guardian emails on or off

  1. To turn on parent/guardian emails, navigate to your class team and select Assignments > Assignments Settings.

  2. Toggle the Parent/guardian email setting to Yes.

To turn off weekly emails for this class, return to Assignments Settings and switch the toggle to No.

Select Assignments Settings in the Assignments tab.

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