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Work account support in the Clipchamp app for Windows


  • This article is for users and administrators of Clipchamp's work version, it does not apply to Clipchamp's personal version.

  • The first section is for users who would like to make use of Clipchamp's desktop app for Windows. The second section is for Microsoft 365 administrators who would like to manage access to the app in their organization.

Information for Clipchamp users

You are entitled to use Clipchamp's work version with Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome if your organization is subscribed to a corresponding Microsoft 365 business SKU and if you have a Clipchamp license assigned to your work account. For more details, see: How to access Microsoft Clipchamp with your work account.

In addition to accessing Clipchamp in the browser, we also offer a desktop app for Windows 10 and Windows 11 to launch the video editor directly.

To launch the app, search for it in the Windows search, which should bring up Microsoft Clipchamp app in the search results. If it is not getting shown there it has likely not been made available on your work computer. In this case, you can continue to access Clipchamp in the browser.

The availability of the desktop app on your work computer is controlled by your Microsoft 365 administrator. They can make the app available on corporate devices and can also decide if both the personal and work versions of Clipchamp are enabled or only the work version.

Older version of the desktop app

If Clipchamp is available on your computer but you have an older app version installed (below version 3), it only supports personal or family Microsoft accounts and does not support work accounts.

In such a case, you'll see one of the following two screens when you open the app and are signed into Windows with a work account.


If your organization blocks access to Clipchamp's personal version, you'll see this screen when the app launches.

Selecting Launch Clipchamp for work opens a new browser window and launches Clipchamp's Microsoft 365 web app where you can start editing videos.

Opening the Clipchamp desktop app will show this screen if you're logged into Windows with a work account and your admin turned off Clipchamp access for personal accounts.


Alternatively, if your organization has access enabled for both personal and work accounts, you'll see this screen.

Selecting Launch Clipchamp for work opens a new browser window and launches Clipchamp's Microsoft 365 web app.

Selecting the grey Use a different account button directs you to Clipchamp's personal account sign-in page in the desktop app.

Users who are logged in with a work account are asked to use Clipchamp on the web. They can also use a personal account in the desktop app.

Newer version of the desktop app

If you're using the Clipchamp desktop app on a work computer (Windows 10 or Windows 11) with your work Microsoft 365 user and have the most up-to-date version of the app installed, launching it will automatically log you into Clipchamp for work accounts. The app version with this new behavior is currently getting rolled out and gradually made available to Microsoft 365 organizations.

Its version number will be 3.x; at least 3.0.10020.

You can check the version number of the Clipchamp desktop app on your computer by opening the Start menu, selecting All Apps, scrolling to Microsoft Clipchamp, right-clicking on the entry, then selecting More > App Settings.

If you're not seeing the Clipchamp desktop app on your computer or the version you have does not function with your work account, then the latest app version is likely not available for you yet. It is currently in the process of getting rolled out and might not have been enabled in your Microsoft 365 organization yet.

In this new version of the desktop app, it's also possible to log into Clipchamp's personal version if your Microsoft 365 organization allows you to use a personal or family Microsoft account on a managed device.

Information for Microsoft 365 administrators

Note: The following information is for admins who would like to manage how Clipchamp is available to users in their organization.

Until recently, the Clipchamp desktop app did not support AAD/Entra ID accounts and only worked with Microsoft personal or family accounts. This is now changing, with the most recent app version offering support for work accounts.

This means that your end-users can use Clipchamp through its desktop app for Windows 10 and Windows 11, in addition to accessing Clipchamp through the browser (Edge or Chrome).

  • App versions up to 2.9.x will show the behavior as described in the section Older version of the desktop app above.

  • App versions from 3.x onwards (at least 3.0.10020) will show the behavior as described in the section Newer version of the desktop app above.

Managing access to the Clipchamp desktop app

You can manage the availability of the Clipchamp desktop app through Intune. This works the same as managing other Microsoft Store apps. See: Add Microsoft Store apps to Microsoft Intune.

In some circumstances, it is possible that a previous version of the Clipchamp desktop app is already installed on your end-users' machines. Either it was installed from the Microsoft Store, if the Store is enabled in your tenant, or the app was part of a Windows 11 update.

If that is the case, we recommend updating the app, which will ensure it is displaying the behavior as described in this article.

The main benefit is that your users will get directed to the correct version of Clipchamp and will not land in Clipchamp's personal version instead of its work version unintentionally. It will also ensure that your end-users can make use of Clipchamp without having to launch a web browser.

Managing access to Clipchamp overall

Aside from managing access to Clipchamp's app for Windows, you can control overall access to Clipchamp and to the personal and work versions of Clipchamp. See: How to enable or disable Clipchamp for users in your organization.

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