Use Cortana with Microsoft Band

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Phones can use Cortana with Microsoft Band for common tasks like replying to texts, taking notes, setting reminders, and more.

With Cortana on your Band, you can access your personal assistant for instant notifications of important events, communications, and voice-active info without reaching for your phone. Speak into the mic on your Band to get Cortana to take notes, set reminders, fetch facts, and more.

Set up Cortana

For Cortana to work with your Band, it needs to be on both your phone and your Band.

On your Windows Phone

If you’re running Windows Phone 8.1 Update, Cortana is already installed on your phone. Make sure Cortana is on.

You may have turned on Cortana when you set up your phone. If you did, you'll see Cortana when you press the Search button on your phone. If you press the Search button and see the Bing image of the day, Cortana isn't on.

To turn on Cortana, go to your phone’s app list, tap Settings, swipe left to Applications, and tap Cortana > On.

On your Android

If you’re running Android, you will need to download the Cortana app from the Google Store to enable the functionality on your phone. Once installed, ensure Cortana and all applicable notification services for the app are turned on.

Default functionality for Cortana on Android is a little different than on Windows Phone, so you may need to look for the app in the full app list.

Since the Cortana app needs to be installed on your phone, the tile is not “on” by default on your Band. Once you have the Cortana app installed, you will need to toggle it on in the Band app. Here’s how:

  • Tap Menu   > Manage Tiles.
  • Toggle ON Cortana.

In the Microsoft Band app on your phone

In the Microsoft Band app on your phone, tap Menu   > Manage Tiles and swipe left to turn on Cortana.

Speak to Cortana on your Band

Cortana uses the mic on your Band to listen when you speak. You can use Cortana any time, even when the display is off or during a run or workout. Your phone has to be within 30 feet of your Band.

Step 1: Press and hold the action button on your Band for two seconds.
Cortana will begin listening and will open the Cortana app on your phone.
Step 2: Speak clearly into the mic (located to the left of the touchscreen on your Band).

Cortana is listening…

After you speak, Cortana opens on your phone and responds to your request. 

Step 3: Next, Cortana’s reply will display on your Band.

Humorous reply from Cortana

Or Cortana will let you know if you need to view the reply on your phone.

See the results on your phone

Reply to texts with Cortana (Windows Phone only)

With Windows Phone 8.1 or greater, you can reply to text messages on your Band with Cortana.

Step 1:

On your Band, press the power button.

Step 2: Swipe left, tap the Messaging Tile
The Messaging Tile
, tap a message, swipe up, and tap Reply.
When a message arrives, just swipe up and tap Reply.
Step 3: Tap Cortana
Cortana icon
Step 4: Speak clearly into the mic, and Cortana displays your reply.

Cortana is listening…

If you want to edit your reply, swipe right to use the keyboard. For more info, see Using the Microsoft Band keyboard.
Step 5: Press the action button to send your reply.

Other things you can do with Cortana and your Band

Here are examples of what you can say to Cortana and how she can help:

Ask questions

  • Did the Mariners win last night?
  • How many calories are in a bagel?
  • How do I get to the Space Needle? (You need a navigation app on your phone for this.)

Create notes and reminders

  • Create a note to remind me of my brother’s anniversary. (Notes are stored in OneNote. Windows Phone only.)
  • Remind me to pick up aspirin next time I’m at the drugstore.

Perform tasks

  • Text Sally: Want to go see a movie? (Windows Phone only)
  • Convert 200 miles to meters.
  • Call John at home.

Set alarms

  • Wake me up at 6 a.m. (Alarms are set on your phone, not in the Alarm & Timer Tile on your Band.)

Turn Cortana notifications on or off

Cortana sends notifications such as news and sports updates to your Band. Turning notifications off suppresses unrequested alerts; it does not turn Cortana off.

Step 1: In the Microsoft Band app on your phone, tap Menu  > Manage Tiles > Cortana.
Step 2: Under Enable Cortana notifications on your Band, tap On or Off.

Remove the Cortana Tile from your Band

You can remove the Cortana Tile from your Band. If you do, you can still speak to Cortana through the mic on your Band, but you won’t see any Cortana updates on your Band. To learn how to remove tiles, see Manage tiles and notifications.