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Preview of Monthly Rollup

Improvements and fixes

This non-security update includes improvements and fixes that were a part of KB4088876 (released March 13, 2018) and also includes these new quality improvements as a preview of the next Monthly Rollup update:

  • Addresses an issue in which an iSCSI RESET might trigger a cluster failover.

  • Addresses an issue in which using Offline Data Transfer between two servers might add extra bytes to the destination file.

  • Addresses an issue in which WMI stops responding to queries and WMI-dependent operations fail after exceeding the 256 MB WMI Arbitrator memory limit. Computers that experience high WMI memory usage or that return error WBEM_E_INVALID_CLASS or WBEM_E_NOT_FOUND should have this update applied. For more information, see KB4096063.

  • Addresses an issue in which server logons become unresponsive because of an unreleased SRW lock.

  • Addresses an issue in which customers sometimes can't sign in to Windows 2012 R2 servers when using a custom credential provider on a console or RDP.

  • Addresses an issue that decreases the Universal CRT’s performance in the _gcvt and _gcvt_s functions.

  • Addresses an issue in which the output to a file or pipe was fully buffered in the Universal CRT for the standard error (STDERR) stream.

  • Addresses an issue in the Universal CRT by adding the "x" access mode flag to support the fopen() function.

  • Addresses an issue in which a race condition in the Universal C Runtime (CRT) occurs when you update the global locale. The issue corrupts the current locale reference count and triggers a double free condition.

For more information about the resolved security vulnerabilities, see the Security Update Guide.

Known issues in this update



Because of an issue that affects some versions of antivirus software, this fix applies only to computers on which the antivirus ISV updated the ALLOW REGKEY.

This issue is resolved in KB4093121. You no longer need the following ALLOW REGKEY to detect and be offered this update: 



How to get this update

This is provided as an Optional update on Windows Update. For more information about how to run Windows Update, see How to get an update through Windows Update. To get the standalone package for this update, go to the Microsoft Update Catalog website.

File information

For a list of the files that are provided in this update, download the file information for update 4088882

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