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Find your Wi-Fi network password in Windows

If you forgot your Wi-Fi network password, you can find it if you have another Windows PC already connected to your Wi-Fi network. After you find your password, you can use it on another PC or device to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Fix Wi-Fi connection issues in Windows

To fix this, remove (or "forget") the network connection, then reconnect to the network. When you forget a network connection, it removes the Wi-Fi network profile from your PC. To forget a network. Select the Wi-Fi network icon on the right side of the taskbar, then select Network & Internet settings. Select Wi-Fi , then select Manage known networks.

Connect Surface to a wireless network

Forget a wireless network. You can choose to forget a wireless network so it no longer appears in your list of networks. Here’s how: Go to Start , and select Settings. Select Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage Wi-Fi settings. In the list of networks that appears under Manage known networks, select the network you want to forget and select Forget.

Be safer over wireless connections

If you do an internet search for your device and how to “forget” or manage wireless networks you should find instructions. Go through that list and remove any wireless network that you don’t control.

Wi-Fi settings are missing in Surface

You won’t be able to connect to a wireless network if Wi-Fi is not listed in Network & internet. If Wi-Fi is missing, the Internet access icon will also be missing from your taskbar. Get connected to Wi-Fi. Here are some solutions to try if you can’t connect to a wireless network because Wi-Fi settings aren’t visible on your Surface.

Fix network connection issues in Windows

Make sure Wi-Fi is on. Select Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi. Next, select Show available networks, and if a network you expect to see appears in the list, select it, then select Connect. Open Wi-Fi settings. See if you can use the Wi-Fi to get to websites from a different device.

Connect to a Wi-Fi network in Windows

Select the Network icon on the far right side of the taskbar. The Disconnected icon appears when you’re not connected. On the Wi-Fi quick setting, select Manage Wi-Fi connections (>). Choose the Wi-Fi network you want, then select Connect. Type the network password, and then select Next. Try these steps to troubleshoot problems getting online

Surface can find my wireless network but can’t connect

Go to Start > Power > Restart to restart your Surface and re-connect to Wi-Fi. To see how, go to Get online. If your Surface still can’t connect to your wireless network, try Solution 2. If you can now connect to your wireless network but still can’t access the Internet, see Can’t connect to a wireless network for other solutions.
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