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Notifications and announcements

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Stay connected to the conversations and communities that you care about with Yammer notifications and announcements.


Yammer notifications help you stay connected to the conversations and communities that you care about and keep you informed about announcements, virtual events, and discussions that include you or are relevant to you.

You may receive Yammer notifications in Outlook, Microsoft Teams, your mobile device or of course, directly in the Yammer mobile, browser or desktop experiences.

Adjusting your notification settings is easy and can ensure that you only see the conversations that matter.  You can select which notifications you would like to receive for each community.

For step by step instructions for how to do this, and a detailed FAQ on notification logic, see this help article. Enable or disable Yammer email and phone notifications.


An announcement is any message type that a community admin can send to all of it’s members. It has special emphasis within the feed and generates a notifications for all members.

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