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FAQ for Lync 2013 for iPad

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All my conversation history isn’t displayed on my mobile phone

Conversation history on Lync for iPad is not synced with Microsoft Exchange Server. This means conversations that occur on your Lync mobile device will only be displayed on that device’s conversation history and nowhere else. Also, when you delete a conversation on your mobile device, that conversation is permanently deleted. To keep a record of a particular conversation you’ve had on Lync on your mobile device, send the conversation to yourself from Lync.

I’m not receiving incoming calls or messages

You can only receive incoming calls and messages when you sign in to Lync for iPad, and are connected to a Wi-Fi network or cellular data network.

If your Wi-Fi option is set to Require Wi-Fi for VoIP or Video, you won’t receive incoming calls when your iPad is connected over the cellular data network.

What version of Lync do I have to be on to use Lync on my mobile device?

February 2013 Cumulative Update for Lync Server 2013 or later. For more information, contact your technical support team.

Content being shared in the call isn’t visible

Shared content is only visible when you’re in a Lync Meeting or in an ad hoc audio or video conference call with 3 or more people. Shared content isn’t visible when you’re in an audio or video call with only one other person.

Can I share meeting content from my iPad?

No, you can’t share or present any meeting content from the Lync app for iPad. You can only view it. Use Lync on your desktop to share or present meeting content.

The PowerPoint presentation isn’t visible

If the meeting organizer has scheduled the meeting using Lync 2010 Server, the PowerPoint presentation won’t be visible. The best thing to do is to ask the meeting presenter to send you a copy of the presentation or to use the Sharing feature to show the presentation.

Can I view or add annotations to PowerPoint slides?

No. You’ll have to use Lync on your desktop to view or add annotations to slides.

Why is there a red notification indicating my call is being recorded when the Lync app is running in the background?

This is a just a default notification shown by iOS when any app is using the microphone while running in the background. Your call isn’t actually being recorded. When you’re using the Lync app for an audio or video call and Lync is running in the background, the red notification bar at the top indicates your call is being recorded.

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