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Software accessibility is a well-defined approach that provides techniques and content to all people, regardless of disability. Accessibility is built into Visio for the web, and includes support for:

For more information, see the Accessibility support for Visio.

Check for Accessibility

When you check for accessibility, you inspect your diagram for any missing accessibility requirements, such as alternative text for a shape or accessible text color.

  1. Open the diagram for editing.

  2. On the ribbon, select Review > Check Accessibility Check Accessibility button icon..

    The Accessibility Checker pane opens.

  3. Inspect the list of errors and then select each error to make the necessary corrections and improve your diagram’s accessibility. To do a complete inspection, use Visio. For more information, see Use the Accessibility Checker to find accessibility issues.

Add alternative text to a shape or picture

Alternative text (often called Alt Text) is a text description of a shape or picture that can be narrated or displayed when hovering. Visio for the web adds alternative text if it is already available in a shape or picture, but you can also add or modify alternative text. To identify which shapes or pictures don’t have alternative text, use the Accessibility Checker.

  1. Open the diagram for editing.

  2. Select the shape or picture.

  3. On the ribbon, select Shape > Alt-Text Alt Text button icon..

  4. In the Alternative Text dialog box, enter a title and description.

Add alternative text to a page

By adding alternative text to a page, you can provide a summary of each page that helps a user understand the diagram at a higher-level and decide which pages to focus on.

  1. Open the diagram for editing.

  2. Right click the page tab, and then select Alt-Text.

  3. In the Alternative Text dialog box, enter a title and description.

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Keyboard shortcuts in Visio for the web

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