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Pin, close, and report conversations in Yammer

Note: This topic applies to new Yammer.

Networks using new Yammer have access to new capabilities: pinning conversations, closing conversations, and reporting conversations. The original author of a conversation can close a conversation, but reopening a conversation and pinning a conversation are only available to admins within the communities of which they are an admin.

Conversations, comments, and replies can be reported by all users once the setting has been turned on by the network admin. For more information about how to enable conversation reporting , see Report a Yammer conversation overview

Note: Only Yammer network admins can enable conversation reporting.

Pin or unpin a conversation

Pinned conversation in Yammer

  1. Select the dropdown menu on the conversation you would like to pin.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • On the web, select Pin Conversation.

    • On mobile, select Pin.

    Pin a conversation in Yammer dropdown dialog box

    You should see a success message, and the conversation pinned to the top of the feed.

  3. To unpin, follow the same steps and then select Unpin Conversation.

    You should see the conversation move back down into the feed.

    Unpin a conversation dropdown

Close a conversation

Pinned conversation in Yammer

  1. Select the dropdown menu on the conversation you would like close..

  2. Do one of the following:

    • On the web, select Close Conversation.

    • On mobile, select Close.

  3. Review the pop-up message prompting you to leave a comment about why you are closing the conversation.

  4. Select Continue.

  5. Upon success, you should see a message on the conversation thread stating who has closed the conversation. People will not be able to add new comments.

Note: To reopen a conversation, follow the same flow. Upon success, you should see a message on the conversation thread stating who had reopened the conversation, and people can add new comments again.

Report a conversation

  1. Select the dropdown menu on a conversation, comment, or reply you would like to report.

  2. Click Report Conversation or Report Comment.

    Reporting a comment in a conversation

  3. A right panel should slides out with details from your network admin about reporting policies and the specific message being reported. In the text box that appears, enter your reason for reporting.

  4. Select Submit.

  5. Upon success, you will see a screen on the right indicating submission success. You can then close the panel.

Note: If the report is successfully submitted, you will also receive an email confirming the report.

Pinning Conversations FAQ

Q: What is the use case for pinned conversations?

A: Pinning posts and conversations are tools for community admins to shape the conversations in the communities they manage. It gives admins a way to bring focus to a key discussion, question or poll etc. Pinning conversations should be used to drive short-term focus to a conversation (recommended two to three days max).

Pinning conversations should not be used to keep a discussion pinned for a long time as users visiting the community will see the same post at the top over and over again and could think the community is not active. For example, this is not intended as a tool for pinning FAQs, rules of the community, and so on. The community page has other options to pin resources for longer periods, such as the info section in the right rail to highlight community rules, pinned resources on the right rail.

Q: Who can pin a post?

A: Only community admins can pin posts.

Q: Does it show who pinned the post?

A: We do not show who pinned the conversation right now.

Q: Can admins pin all types of posts -- announcements, polls, praise?

A: Yes.

Q: Where can posts be pinned?

A: On group and community pages and on event pages.

Note: Note: This action is available on web only and not on mobile. Pinning is not available in the Home and Discovery feeds or in the Inbox.

Q: Can admins pin multiple posts?

A: No, this will be restricted to just a single pinned conversation at a time. Pinned conversations occupy prime real estate in the community feed. We want whoever is pinning to think thoroughly about what is important for the community and pin that key conversation.

Q: Do community admins get an option to pin another post once something is pinned?

A: No, not in the first release of this feature. The admin must unpin the currently pinned item to pin a different item.

Q: Can a pinned conversation be dismissed or hidden by a community member?

A: No, we do not provide any options to dismiss or hide a pinned conversation.

Q: What if a community admin pins a post and another user moves this post from one community to another?

A: Users will be unable to move pinned conversations.

Q: Do pinned conversations have an expiration date?

A: No. For this first release, pinned conversations have no auto-expiration.

Q: What happens to pinned conversations if the admin who pinned the conversation leaves the community or is no longer the admin of the community?

A: Pinned conversations remain pinned as long as the community has at least one administrator even if the admin who originally pinned the conversation has left the community or is no longer an admin.

Closing Conversations FAQ

Q: Who can restrict replies to a conversation?

A: Only community admins can restrict replies to a conversation.

Q: Where is the option to restrict replies to a conversation?

A: You can restrict replies in the More Options on a conversation starter.

Q: What is the user experience on older mobile clients?

A: On older mobile clients that are not aware of the restricted reply capability, the user will see the option to reply to a conversation that has replies turned off. When the user tries to post the reply (to the thread starter or to a reply) the post will fail with an error.

Q: Can closed conversations be moved?

A: Closed conversations cannot be moved.

Reporting Conversations FAQ

Q: I’m an admin, and how do I know if my Yammer network is eligible for reporting conversations and comments?

A: Only networks that using new Yammer are eligible for the reporting conversations experience. In the Yammer network admin center, if your network is eligible, you should see Report Conversations under Content and Security.

Admin panel for enabling conversation reporting

Q: Can I add multiple emails for the reports to be sent to?

A: Currently only one email can be used. We suggest you create and use a community email or distribution list alias if you would like the reports to go to multiple people.

Q: If my Yammer network is eligible for this, is it already on?

A: No, the feature is off by default. A network admin must turn on the feature for network users so they can see the option to report conversations and comments.

Q: Can users report conversations from external networks?

A: No, the report conversations end user experience and actions are only available in new Yammer. Networks that are using new Yammer do not have the new Yammer experience on external networks, and as a result, conversations in external networks cannot be reported.

Q: Can users report conversations from the Yammer mobile app?

A: No, not yet. At this time, conversation reporting is only available from the Yammer Web experience.

Q: Can users report private messages or messages in the Yammer Inbox?

A: No, The report conversations end user experience and actions are only available on conversations within communities and the discovery ffeed.

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